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Molly Constable Becomes the First Plus-Size Model to Grace ‘Playboy’ Magazine

Even after the death of founder Hugh Hefner and the strict imposition of the no full-frontal nudity policy, Playboy magazine remains to be one of the most famous adult magazines in the business. The monthly publication is practically synonymous with sex, with each release featuring a bevy of glamorous and not to mention scantily clad models. But even with the variety of beauties gracing…

Blogger Brianna McDonnell Creates #BeInYourSkin 2018 Calendar to Celebrate Plus-Size Women Everywhere

Pirelli has taken huge strides in revamping their iconic calendars after a public outcry for more diversity. Now the Italian company has included diverse models of all cultural backgrounds, colors, and body size. The move has earned them praise from several people. However, for one woman, this single effort was not enough to inspire the everyday woman. Meet Brianna McDonnell, the body-positive fashion blogger…

5 of Your Favorite Plus-Size Bloggers Are Featured in the 2017 Eloquii Swimwear Campaign

Summer is officially here. That means the temperature gets hotter, skin gets darker, and clothes get shorter. It also means that your favorite retail brands would start rolling out their swimsuit campaigns. One big name that has already laid out its 2017 collection is Eloquii. The 2017 Eloquii Swimwear Campaign combats the "perfect bikini body" stereotype, and they've enlisted the…

Katrina Gumabao: First International Filipina Plus-Size Model

The stunning Katrina Gumabao is making waves in the fashion industry as the first Filipina plus-size model to grace the runway during Melbourne Fashion Week. The 29-year-old is part of a well-known family in her home country. Her brother Marco is a budding teen actor while her younger sister Michelle is a star volleyball player. For Katrina, her passion has always been fashion and modeling.…