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Babydoll Beauty Couture: Las Vegas First Salon for Plus-Size Women

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Do plus-size women need a salon that caters to them? It may sound unfortunate, but the women at Babydoll Beauty Couture Salon think so. In the past, these women have been turned away from salons in fear that they would break any of equipment. They have also struggled with fitting in a salon chair, not to mention the constant stares of other customers can be quite daunting. 

Situations like this can invoke feelings of humiliation, anxiety, and just overall discomfort for any woman. It is why the owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, Jamie Lopez, decided that if salons cannot adjust their standards to cater to every type of customer, then it is best to open one yourself. Her business venture is set to make history by becoming the very first plus-size salon to open in Las Vegas. 

Babydoll Beauty Couture Becomes First Vegas Salon for Plus-Size Women

Babydoll Beauty Couture, Jamie Lopez

Salons are supposed to be a place where every woman is allowed to feel beautiful. But because there is a false notion that it is exclusive for slim and “glamorous” types, many women hesitate to get their beauty treatments done at salons.

Babydoll Beauty Couture is looking to change all that. Jamie Lopez and her team of professional stylists are hoping to create an environment where plus-size women feel confident and accepted. Lopez decided to invest her time and money after experiencing discrimination and negativity herself. Following a mishap that involved cracking a chair on one salon visit, she remembers how everyone all turned around to stare at her disapprovingly. That situation proved to be the final straw and Lopez decided to take action.

Babydoll Beauty Couture

Lopez first opened the Babydoll Beauty Couture just outside Los Angeles. She eventually moved to Las Vegas after discovering a bigger market there. The city itself has embraced plus-size women, holding several events that are specifically geared toward representing them. 

So how exactly does Lopez create a “plus-size” salon? Apparently, it involves a lot of remodeling and additional costs. She invested in custom salon chairs, which come at a hefty price at $2,500 each. The chairs feature 85-inch wide seats and can hold up to 800 pounds in weight. The salon’s waxing bench can also support up to 600 pounds in weight. 

Plus-Size Salon in Vegas

Lopez also made sure to employ not only those women who know the struggle of being a plus-size customer at a salon, but also those who have struggled to find employment because of their weight. Natalie Smith, a talented makeup artist and hairstylist, has always had difficulty looking for a job despite her experience. 

“I can do makeup, I can cut hair, I can do all that, but … it’s really disappointing that a lot of people, based off the way you look, aren’t giving you a chance, even if you have that experience,” she lamented.

Natalie is finally getting the work she deserves after applying for a position as a stylist at Babydoll Beauty Couture. The salon can be found on North Decatur Blvd. and West Lake Blvd. and is set to open on April 15, 2017. 

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