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Body-Shaming Protest of Iskra Lawrence Has Her Stripping Down on Subway

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Iskra Lawrence has always been the poster child for body positivity. The British model has never shied away from flaunting her enviable curves whether on print or on screen. In fact, she has a number billboards in major cities around the world, including a famous Aerie ad in New York Times Square. But when she’s not modeling, Lawrence continues to fight a long and uphill battle against body-shaming. This body-shaming protest of Iskra Lawrence led her to do the unexpected yet very courageous act in a public place.

In a recent video posted online, Lawrence can be seen undressing in a busy New York subway to enlighten others about what women go through each day. The public act was done in cooperation with the feminist video series #Unmuted. 

Body-Shaming Protest of Iskra Lawrence on NYC Subway

Iskra Lawrence

Twenty-six-year-old Iskra Lawrence gained a worldwide reputation for publicly denouncing any retouches done on photos of her. She is now looking to take a stand against body shaming in the heels of Trump’s presidency. The newly elected President of the United States was met with several criticism from women’s groups after making sexist remarks. Trump was embroiled in even more serious controversy when a number of women came forward about him sexually assaulting them. 

Even if she was born across the pond, the gorgeous plus-size model hopes to not only make women around the country feel good about themselves but to make them realize that their bodies are not something that other people can take control of. With the recent body-shaming protest of Iskra Lawrence, she hopes to open the eyes of more people.

Plus-Size Model

Apparently, Lawrence has had her share of body-shamers. As soon as the model’s body started to develop when she was younger, she found it difficult to book jobs in the fashion world. Lawrence was candid about this in an interview with the New York Post. She recalled all the drastic measures she turned to just so she could lose weight. By the time she turned 18, she finally decided to try out plus-size modelling and began to successfully book gigs after that.

“I just started naturally getting curvier and feeling more confident—and it showed in my photos,” she was quoted on saying.

In the recent body-shaming protest of Iskra Lawrence, she made sure to share her own life experiences in a powerful speech:

“When you look in the mirror when you get home, do not pick out your insecurities. Do not look at the things society told you was not good enough, because you are so much more than that. Look at your body and see why we appreciate it. Start talking to yourself, celebrating who you are and respecting that.”

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