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Bullied Plus-Size 10-Year-Old Debuts Own Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week

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The Sex and the City TV show taught us one very important thing—New Yorkers love fashion. Egypt “Ify” Ufele, who is only 10-years-old, is the newest addition to the fashion world. 

Ify was bullied and teased about her weight in school. The torture was so intense that once, she was stabbed with a pencil. But Ify did not let the school bullies pull her down. Instead, she empowered herself to become a plus-size clothing designer.

Plus-Size Designer

She started by drawing and hand-sewing outfits for her dolls, then she began using her grandmother’s sewing machine. 

Ify then started posting photos of her work on her Instagram account @bullychasers. Her clothes are for children and adults. Her fashion line is called Chubiiline. She is the only child designer for curvy figures. Ify describes her line as “bringing Africa to America.”

Her small runway show was done for Full Blossom magazine at the New York Fashion Week.

After her runway debut, Ify told the Today show, “I turned negative attention into positive attention.” Although she is not the first child to have a show at New York Fashion Week, she is the only one to make clothes for plus-size women.

Ify’s work featured very bold and distinctly African-inspired designs. Her line has been celebrated by fashion lovers and anti-bullying groups. Speaking of her work, Ify said, “Being a designer and being at fashion shows are really exciting because you get a lot of attention, and a lot of people ask you what inspires you.”

Ify is a shining example of triumph over bullies. It can be hard to deal with body-shamers, especially when you are still so young. Good thing she did not let it shake her core and mess up her self-esteem. She is an inspiration because at her young age, she has dealt with negativity and found a way to chase her dream. Her line shows the future of the plus-size fashion industry as she is making clothes for all shapes and sizes and ages.

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