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Former ‘Big Brother’ Star Chanelle Hayes Reveals She’s Happier with Her Plus-Size Figure

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Being in the public eye has not been easy for Chanelle Hayes. The former Big Brother star is known for her fluctuations in weights, but now that she has gained 112 pounds in the past few years, she is revealing that she feels more confident in her thicker plus-size figure. 

Plus-Size Woman

She is a mother of one now. Currently, she weighs an estimated 196 pounds and fits into a size 16. Chanelle claims that she has given up on dieting because she has chosen to be happy instead of hungry from avoiding her favorite food. As recently as 2014, she was still wearing a size 4 to size 6 and weighed 119 pounds. At her thinnest, the 28-year-old was a tiny 84 pounds, but at that time, she was using liposuction and laxative to keep herself slim.

She explains her past, saying, “All my friends were fashion models and I was a glamour model, so even though I was tiny, I was still the curviest one. It wasn’t in fashion to have a nice big bum—it was in fashion to be Kate Moss skinny. And now it’s in fashion to have have curves again.”

As a mother to her five-year-old son, Blakely, she has a difficult time sticking to a diet. She started gaining weight two years ago when she moved to a new house. The stress from the move led to eating takeaway meals from restaurants. Then she suffered an injury in which she had two slip discs in her spine. That led to months away from the gym being stuck hobbling around on crutches.

Plus-Size Woman

Chanelle is now settled in her new home, but she is saying that she has chosen not to diet. She is finally allowing herself to enjoy food and be happy with her body the way it is now, in a curvier state.

 As someone in the media spotlight, she says that people are “fascinated” by her weight. She denies purposefully gaining and losing weight for media attention by claiming “I’ve not been relevant since 2007!” Last month, she was interviewed on This Morning, where she denied gaining the 8 stone for a DVD deal.

She told the hosts of the show Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, “I’ve spent so much money on Domino’s and Krispy Kreme’s that I wouldn’t even break even.” Recently, some unflattering pictures of her in a bikini were seen in the tabloids. Chanelle says that she does not have anything to do with the release of those pictures to the media. She says it was not a publicity stunt.

Talking more on the issue, she told the hosts, “I have no idea who took those pictures. I didn’t see the photographer. I have done set-up shots before when I was super slim. I just think maybe lime green isn’t my color, but I thought I looked okay to be honest.”

Plus-Size Woman
When Philip asked her, “Well, who is the judge anyway to decide which is the best size to be?” she had a very good answer. She said, “I have to set an example to Blakely, [my son]. He doesn’t see his dad. So I eat in moderation. I don’t binge all day. My body is just more sensitive to food than others. I would rather he would see me eating carbs and not miserable and snapping at him.” 

The two hosts pressed her further on whether she would be willing to do a DVD for weight loss. She didn’t confirm any plans but said that if she would want to lose weight and a DVD deal was offered, she would not turn it down. 

As a plus-size model, she has had a good measure of success. She is now pushing toward a new branch in her brand with Chanelle Hayes Makeup Artistry. While she was out of the media spotlight and did not do work on television, she retrained as a makeup artist. Among her other business ventures were her cake making business called Love Cake Love Me, but none has been as successful as her initial fame on Big Brother where she was known for having a rocky relationship with contestant Ziggy Lichman.

Chanelle has been a tiny size 4, and now she is an average size 16. There are other career steps and directions to take from being straight size to a plus-size model, but it’s good to see that she is open about how comfortable she is being a bigger, curvier kind of model.

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