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Plus-Size Blogger Chastity Garner Recreated an Iconic Beyoncé Look and People Are LOVING It

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Whenever Beyoncé releases a photo of herself in a stylish outfit, a lot of women feel inspired by her confidence and enamored over her personal style. Plus-size blogger Chastity Garner is one of them. In fact, the style blogger and body-positivity activist later found herself wondering what these outfits would look like if she wore them. Garner turned her daydreams into reality after she gathered some clothing supplies, recreated the outfits herself, and then posed for some fierce photos wearing them.

Recently, Garner has shared her photos with the rest of the world, and judging by the warm reception it’s gotten, she’s definitely ready to start rolling out some more. 

Blogger Chastity Garner Recreates Iconic Looks of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and More

Chastity Garner-Mariah Carey New Years Outfit

CurvyCon co-founder and plus-size blogger Chastity Garner first went viral last October after she posted side-by-side photos of her and pop singer Mariah Carey. In the photo, Garner wore a similar pink bathing suit that Carey wore in her legendary Las Vegas performance where she barely danced to her hit song “Honey.”

Garner titled the Halloween look “Fat Mariah,” and it became an instant hit on social media. Carey’s unapologetic attitude was what inspired Garner to recreate the look in the first place. She wrote, “I love that Mariah does exactly what she wants to do and how she wants to do. She’s a legend. In addition to giving you an amazing voice, she gives you diva in the true sense of the word.”

Chastity Garner -Beyoncé

Now Garner is getting a lot of inspiration from another pop diva including Beyoncé. The pop singer does not need any introduction. Other than being a huge influence in the music industry, she also serves up a lot of outfit inspiration. So it didn’t take too long for Garner to follow in Bey’s stylish footsteps by recreating one of her best looks to date: a Vogue tee and a body-hugging pencil skirt. 

The blogger posted the inspiring photo on her Instagram page with the caption “New Year, Bey Me (literally the easiest celebrity style capture I’ve ever done.)”

Plus Size Varsity Jacket

Garner’s post is part of her blog series called Celebrity Style Captures, in which she shows how anyone can recreate celeb looks for less. 

Aside from it being a way to showcase her creativity and to have some fun, Chastity Garner hopes that her outfits can change the way women see their bodies. “I’m showing women that you can achieve the similar looks as celebrities regardless of body type and for a fraction of the price can be accomplished,” Garner explained.

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