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Chloe Marshall Shares Tips for Breaking into the Modeling Industry

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Chloe Marshall began her modeling career years before she won the Miss Surrey title. But Marshall rose to prominence when she grabbed headlines for being the first size 16 contestant to ever reach the finals, and eventually, the model got to bring home the pageant crown. From then on, Marshall has to face body-shamers and critics who always have something negative to say about her weight.

As she rose above the odds, Chloe Marshall scored a lucrative three-year contract with Ford models. She is currently signed with another agency, JAG models, which has opened a number of opportunities for her. Marshall’s most notable works include ads for Macy’s Department Store and plus-size brand Torrid.

Chloe Marshall: “Love yourself for who you are on the inside and not just what you look like”

Chloe Marshall, Model

Chloe Marshall recently sat down with to discuss her experience in the fashion industry. Here are the highlights of her interview.

Her say on becoming more aware of one’s body:

Chloe Marshall: I was always the bigger child at school. Having my weight in my hips, I have this hourglass figure, so I’d look in the mirror and I wouldn’t think, Oh, I put on some weight. When I went to New York and met with Jaclyn [Sarka] and Gary [Dakin] at Ford Models, they loved me, but they said, ‘Even though it’s plus modeling, you need to be in shape and be a healthy size. Be healthy and comfortable in your body.’

I currently do a lot of lingerie, so I’m glad I took their advice of changing up my diet and going to the gym more! It took me a year because I didn’t want to do any crazy dieting that would make me put on more weight. I wanted to get to the right size that my body’s supposed to be. I don’t fluctuate anymore, and I go to the gym everyday. I eat whatever I want in moderation. I have a healthier life. I’m more aware of certain things and foods. I came back to New York, and I’ve worked every single day since then.

Model, Chloe Marshall

Her response to critics:

Chloe Marshall: At the end of the day, I hope to God those [negative] women don’t have a curvier child because if they can bring other women down on social media, how can they sit down next to their daughter afterwards? It’s still a touchy subject. But getting women out of body dysmorphia by showing them an image they can get to [is important for me]. Not everyone should be a size 2. The world would be a very boring place.

Her advice for aspiring models:

Chloe Marshall: Wait until you’re really confident and love yourself for who you are on the inside and not just what you look like. Sometimes you’re being picked over other girls and sometimes you’re not. It can [turn into], Why didn’t they like me or want me? You need to be strong, or else, it’s not going to help your confidence. Start searching for agencies that have working models on their board. Google agencies and you’ll see people who say they’ll put you their board if you pay $1,000 for your book. You don’t need to do that. If an agent likes you, they’ll pay for your book up front, and as you work, you pay them back. [When submitting] ake polaroids with no makeup whatsoever. You want to be a blank canvas.”

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