Christian Siriano Debuts Plus Size Line During NYFW

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Christian Siriano has definitely come a long way since his stint in Project Runway. At just thirty years old, he has already accomplished a lot through his own signature style. Now Siriano is gearing up to bring even more diversity to the fashion world by partnering up with Lane Bryant, one of the biggest plus-size clothing brands in the entire world.

Christian Siriano: Breaking Fashion Boundaries

Christian Siriano

The fashion line made its official debut during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Five plus-size models strutted the runway, and each of them showcased a piece from Christian Siriano’s collection. The first one to step out was Georgia Pratt, and the gorgeous model was met with a loud applause among audiences.

Other models who were part of the show were Sabina Karlsson, Precious Lee, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, and longtime Lane Bryant ambassador Marquita Pring. The show was not only a pivotal moment for the fashion industry but for Christian Siriano as well. The designer appeared on Entertainment Tonight and had this to say after the show:

“I just think diversity is super important and that’s worth everything. We want to make sure that the collection feels cohesive, but we want to make sure that the models and the women wearing it are just as different as the women that shop in a store.”

Ashley Graham was part of the guest list, and the famous plus-size model could not be any more proud of the direction that the fashion industry is going. She also added that Christian Sirano’s collection is important as it showcases a new brand of beauty to mainstream audiences. 

Ashley Graham

Siriano has long been known to cater to a variety of women. He notably did a line of affordable bags and shoes for Payless. He also happened to be the designer behind Leslie Jones‘s Ghostbusters premiere dress, and this served as a further proof that his classic designs do cater to different shapes, sizes, and color.

For his Lane Bryant collection, Christian Siriano tapped Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks to be the face of the entire line. In a statement sent to Entertainment Tonight, Brooks had nothing but praises for the talented designer. She said,

“Christian has surpassed a lot of his counterparts in this business by a long shot. He’s showing the industry that it is possible to design clothes for all women, run a successful business, and still feel exclusive while being inclusive.”

Perhaps it is safe to say that the biggest inspiration for Siriano’s line was taken from his own mother, who he says is a size 16. He dedicated the Lane Bryant line to her, as well as other “real” women who shop in the store hoping to find something that is chic and comfortable at the same time. 

Christian Siriano was not the only designer to debut a plus-size fashion line during New York Fashion Week. Fellow Project Runway alumnus Ashley Tipton unveiled her own plus-size line with American retail brand JC Penney. Like Siriano, she is also looking to introduce more options for plus-size women in the market and hoping that one day this type of clothing can be a standard in the worldwide fashion industry.

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