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Clementine Desseaux Is Louboutin’s First-Ever Plus-Size Model

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Christian Louboutin is known by shoe aficionados as the ultimate luxury shoe brand. It is the perfect complement to the designer outfits of a world-class socialite. The red soles of the the Louboutin shoes are popular all over the world, and now for the first time ever in its over twenty years as a brand, they cast a plus-size model to endorse their latest shade of red lipstick called Rouge Matte Velvet.

Christian Louboutin

There was a social media advertising campaign that was on the Louboutin Facebook page on December 9. The video featured a French plus-size model named Clementine Desseaux. The video proclaims Desseaux as a natural beauty, and indeed, she is truly stunning.

The collaboration with Christian Louboutin and the plus-size model is special and not just because of the gorgeous model. Desseaux explains why it was so meaningful, saying, “The beauty norm is changing, and differences that used to be weaknesses are now turning into strengths. Being curvy and freckly was never easy back when I was in France. Now beauty is changing and brands are putting girls that are different in the spotlight. They are opening up to all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blonde, skinny, white woman type.” The change is huge because for years many people have felt left out of the the fashion industry because they don’t fit the classic definition of beauty. 

Christian Louboutin

Louboutin is just another of the major brands to feature a plus-size model. What’s particularly interesting is that the brand is known for its shoes and beauty products. Currently, the brands that have included a curvy woman as an endorser are for clothing lines. Now you can truly say that the curvy women are being represented not just by the clothing lines but also in beauty campaigns. They can see someone who is curvy and beautiful and she’s being featured on an international campaign. That will give hope to aspiring models.

The inclusion of plus-size models in all aspects of the fashion world sends a message that beauty does come in all shapes and sizes. The big brands are not shying away from having a plus-size woman endorse their products because they know the times are changing. It’s not about skinny-shaming or fat-shaming anymore. Promoting body positive campaigns is what the industry is leaning toward now, and that will give hope to any aspiring models whether they are short, tall, fat, or thin. In a sense, you can say that the fashion world is not the mean, snobby industry it once was. They are now totally inclusive and that change has been received positively.

Christian Louboutin

Desseaux is breaking down a barrier for the plus-size community with her Louboutin campaign, and she is also working on a Jessica Lewis documentary titled Straight/Curve. She is not just a model who sits back and looks pretty in pictures. She is out there, making political and social statements about her work. 

The documentary will give viewers an inside look into the lives of plus-size models and the plus-size fashion industry in general. The goal of the documentary is to lessen the gap and the barrier between the straight size and plus-size subcategories of the modeling world. 

We can see the change that is going on in the industry with more and more brands and ads showing different definitions of beauty. You can open up a Web site and see that there are more diverse types of models instead of the conventional beauties that were featured ten years ago. More plus-size models are getting cast for ad campaigns, and that type of inclusion is a good sign of things to come in the plus-size modeling industry.

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