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Coco Cooper Offers Jeans for Women Between Plus Size and Sample Size

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The size of the average woman has been a highly talked about subject. Despite the majority of women in the United States wearing a size 12–14, there continues to be a large void in the market for those looking for clothes within this range.

The same thing can be said for women who happen to fall in between standard and plus-size, these women are known as “inbetweenies.” Those who are under this category experience difficulty when it comes to finding stylish pieces that complements their figure. But one American brand is looking to change all that by entering the retail market in style.

Coco Cooper: New Denim Line for Inbetweenies 

Coco Cooper Jeans

Plus-size women are slowly moving front and center. Major retail brands have recognized the need for more options, and as a result, they provide a variety of styles for women of bigger frames. On the other hand, those who don’t fall under the plus or sample size range are often left out.

Inbetweenies, or sometimes referred to as medium-size-women, are left wishing for brands to be more inclusive. Coco Cooper is a brand new US–based premium denim line that caters to inbetweenies, specifically women sizes 6 to 16. This marks a big step forward for women who fall under this category. 

In-between sizes are not particularly new in the market. Back in 2014, model Myla Dalbesio landed a coveted campaign with Calvin Klein. She caught a significant amount of media attention after being dubbed too small for plus and a few sizes more than the standard-size model. 

Coco Cooper Denim

Fashion blogger Bianca Vaccarini is another famous inbetweenie. She runs the famous style blog Vaccarini shared that because the market for in-between sizes is so limited, she is pitched as plus-size. 

“I do label myself as plus size even though I am more in between because I guess the straight-size blogging industry has a certain image,” she explained to Refinery. “When people see me on the street, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s a curvy fat girl, she’s obviously not someone who would be a standard-size blogger.’ They would put me more in the category of being plus size, so I get a lot more plus-size pitches from companies.”

Because Coco Cooper is marketed as a retailer for “premium” denim, their pieces may come at a higher price. Nonetheless, it is all worth the price tag. The jeans are specifically tailored to hug a woman’s curves. Its material has a four-way stretch fabric that is ready to sculpt and flatter medium-size women everywhere. 

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