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Curvy Chic Bridal: A Boutique for Plus-Size Brides

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Rebecca Bryson, the woman behind Curvy Chic Bridal, launched her one-of-a-kind brand after personally experiencing fat-shaming firsthand. So in a bid to help women who share her sentiments, the 30-year-old budding entrepreneur and stylist set up the bridal boutique that exclusively caters to plus-size women. 

Curvy Chic Bridal: Wedding Dresses for Plus-Size Brides

Rebecca Bryson, Curvy Chic Bridal

There has been a remarkable shift when it comes to plus-size fashion, and a lot of women can now find more size options from big retailers around the country. However, one industry that is remarkably lacking in terms of such plus-size choices is the bridal industry. To make matters even worse, would-be brides are actually being told to adjust their bodies so they can fit into what is considered the standard dress size.  

“After working in the bridal industry for nearly 11 years, I have heard countless tales of horrendous experiences in bridal stores, from brides being told to lose weight, being called fat, or simply being told they were too big for any wedding dresses,” Bryson tells Belfastlive. “Being plus-size myself, I visited a few local bridal stores and couldn’t find a single wedding dress that fitted me. I even had one bridal store put my arms through a dress, hold it against me, and then try and convince me to buy it!”

Rebecca-Bryson, Curvy Chic Bridal

With Curvy Chic Bridal, Bryson is looking to end the stigma once and for all. Curvy Chic Bridal is actually the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, and the boutique proudly features a collection of stylish gowns for women of sizes 16–44. 

“With 57 percent of the UK and Ireland’s female population now categorized as plus-size (size 16 and over), the demand for fuller figure frocks is clearly on the rise,” Bryson added. “Yet virtually none of Northern Ireland’s bridal boutiques stock dresses above size 12, and for the larger lady looking forward to her big day, the fat-shaming doesn’t stop there.”

Bryson also notes that the lack of options has led a good number of brides to resort to purchasing pricey, low-quality gowns from China. She is looking to help women overcome such challenges with Curvy Chic Bridal by providing them with a variety of stylish choices close to home. 

“We believe that every woman deserves a joyful and fulfilling experience when shopping for her wedding dress,” she says. “The curvier bride too often faces disheartening challenges when shopping for a dress in this country, and we’re determined to change that.”

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