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Dressing Tips for Plus-Size Men

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Kate Moss may think, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,”  but some of us prefer to have pizza, fries, and a beer. Not everybody wants to be stick thin, but by the time you reach your mid-thirties, you probably wish you could lose a few pounds, just enough to feel like your twenty-year-old self.

The stress from working long hours, sitting at your desk all the time, and eating a lot of fast food takes its toll. So if you are a plus-size man, get some tips here on how you can look your best.


Using your clothes to help you look thinner is commonly used by women. Dressing slim is the easiest way to make it seem like you have the body you want. Style transcends anything the weighing scale will display so you simply have to trick the world into seeing a trimmer version of yourself by using the following tips.

Try to Look Taller


When you are trying to look slimmer, your goal should be for the audience to look you straight up and down. Color blocking cuts the eye line, so if you decide to wear dark pants with a white shirt, put a blazer over the top so you don’t cut your body in half.

If you want to wear stripes, keep them thin. Bigger, thicker stripes would be more noticeable and therefore make you look bigger. Another key thing to remember is to always have a defined chest, waist, and legs. Oversized shirts and pants do not do any good in showing off your body. Wear things that are your size and you won’t look bigger than you are.

Wear Slimming Trousers

Stick with straight or slightly tapered cuts because they will create the right angle so that it elongates your body line. If you would like to make your waist look slimmer, try a high-rise cut. Low-rise jeans will cause a muffin top or stomach overhang effect that is not desirable.


This is the most important tip on this list, but it’s something that many men do not follow. Dress your size. So not go bigger when choosing your tops. An ill-fitting top will not do you any favors. 

Elongate Your Neck

A long neck adds to the vertical effect that you need to achieve, and it will also balance out rounder face shapes. When choosing T-shirts or sweaters, choose ones with a V-neck cut.  For formal wear, choose a rigid collar shirt. Generally, anything  that creates a V under your chin is highly recommended.

The Waist

A lot of people are self-conscious about emphasizing their waistline. Having an item of clothing that hugs you nicely and doesn’t leave rolls of fabric around the waist is key when the goal is achieving a slimming effect. Whenever you tuck in a shirt, make sure you don’t have too much fabric bunching at the waist.


Tailoring is really helpful for any stylish person whether they are straight or plus-size. When choosing your clothes, make sure that the pants are flat front. Jackets with two or three buttons are best. For tops, the sleeves should be the right fit, never flowing and loose because it gives more shape.

When your shirt or pants first properly, it shows off your body shape better. Navy black and gray are the best colors for creating a slim body line.



Black is known to be a slimming color, but there are other colors that can do the job. Navy, grey, burgundy, and dark green will be good choices. You can add little accents of bright colors to mix things up. For example, wear a black sweater with a light pink collar peeking through.

Brand Names

Buying plus-size clothing can be difficult for men. With the trend being on skinny jeans and slim silhouettes, it could be hard to find something suitable for a rounder figure.

Here are some brands that are very good with the plus-size ranges: Marks and Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Penguin, and Lacoste all stock larger sizes.


The basic dark colors in the wardrobe can be compensated by using interesting accessories. For accessories, focus on hats, watches, bags, glasses, and scarves. You can choose the loudest, brightest colors. The only thing you need to avoid are statement belts or anything else that would highlight your mid-section. 

Getting dressed is not as simple as putting on the first thing you grab. If you want to achieve a certain look, look slimmer, look taller, etc., you have to put some thought into what you wear. So take these tips for getting dressed for plus-size men and you will notice that you look better in your photos and gain more confidence in your fashion choices.

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