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Eloquii: Major Investment Lifts Plus-Size Brand in Online Market

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Eloquii is a staple plus-sized clothing line for women around the world. The American online retailer has been around for approximately two years, and it has continuously been highlighted in the best industry events such as recently held CurvyCon last June. Fashion bloggers have also showcased the popular brand in their respective online pages, and as a result of their strong online presence, Eloquii is now a popular brand among social media users. They continue to enjoy increasing popularity by having strong and confident plus-size women promote their clothing with the official hashtag #XOQ. 

Eloquii: Leading Online Provider in the Plus-Size Market


Retailers continue to scramble to fill in the gap for plus-sized women. It was only in 2016 when Meijier decided to be more inclusive by abolishing their plus-size department and including it in their regular-size rack. Other high-fashion designers such as Cristian Siriano have opted for the same thing, and while we still have a long way to go when it comes to reaching a full sense of inclusiveness in the fashion industry, brands like Eloquii are really changing the game.

“So much fashion content out there is predicated on the concept that plus-size women are trying to look thinner,” Eloquii’s vice president of marketing, Kelly Goldston, said. Goldston spearheaded the creation of online store’s editorial section called Style & Substance. 

Eloquii’s aim now is to not only create clothing that can flatter a woman’s body but also to make sure that it keeps up with the current trends in fashion. The brand is known to sell a variety of clothing pieces, from cropped tops to wide-leg pants in various size options that range from 14 to 24. Their best seller last spring was an off-shoulder chambray dress. 

Plus Size Dresses

“Everything is fair game,” Mariah Chase, CEO of Eloquii, stated. “We’re not taking a straight-size garment and grading it up. We start with measurements and sizing for the range we offer. Often you see a brand just sizing up, but it doesn’t address the fit.”

As far as finances are concerned, Eloquii seems to be in a good place as well. The company raised a $15 million Series B round of financing last April, in which they are planning to use in order to make further investments in terms of marketing and technology. Over time, this could accelerate the brand’s growth in the future.

Aside from Eloquii, other growing players in the plus-size fashion industry include Ghostbuster actress Melissa McCarthy with Seven7 and Target and their Ava & Viv label.

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