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Famous Plus-Size Moments That Revolutionized 2016

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Plus-size fashion has been continuously taking off in 2016. Various plus-size moments have been brought front and center, making this year a great year for women everywhere. It should also be noted that voices from major players in the industry, like Ashley Graham, have helped bring the plus-size banner to mainstream visibility. At the end of the day, the most important thing to take note of is the fact that women are now being represented equally, and hopefully they’ll continue to enjoy such improvements in the coming years.

So as this year comes to a close, here is a countdown of all our favorite plus-size moments of 2016.

Top Plus-Size Moments of the Year 2016

1. Ebony Magazine’s “Body Brigade” Issue

Ebony Magazine

The plus-size community rejoiced upon seeing the cover of Ebony magazine’s March issue. Featured in full military garb were Chrisette Michele, Jazmine Sullivan, Danielle Brooks, and Gabi Gregg. What’s more important than the eye-popping cover was the interview with the women as they highlighted important issues such as self-acceptance and how society should start representing plus-size women of color.

2. Plus-Size Moments at NYFW 2016

New York Fashion Week

NYFW has been known to shun the plus-size industry. But finally, a big shift happened in September 2016, otherwise known as Fall Fashion Week.

Among the highlight were the five gorgeous and confident plus-size models trotting down the runway of designer Christian Siriano. During the same week, another Project Runway alumnus Ashley Nell Tipton saw to it that her clothing line with JCPenney exclusively featured plus-size models as well. 

3. Shay Neary Becomes First Transgender Model to Land Fashion Campaign

Shay Neary

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