Plus Size Modeling

Fashion Evolution of Plus-Size Modeling

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The evolution of plus-size modeling started in the 1940s when clothing lines started to embrace the change happening and embracing women with curves to take part in the fashion industry. There are lots of things that happened then. Curvier women started to show up mostly to be part of the commercial side of fashion.

As the fashion world started to take in that ‘change is constant’, ‘consumer taste changes’ and that ‘buyers always opt for trendier choices’, plus-size models became more acceptable. There are and always will be lots of aspiring plus-size models like you waiting to be discovered. Thousands of this type of models are aiming to get noticed during auditions, so they can make it big in the modeling world.

How to blend in and stand out in the crowd will be the first step for you to start and have a career in plus-size modeling. Of course, you have to audition first to get a plus-size modeling career. Every model has undergone casting calls and auditions. It’s the only way to get any modeling job especially if you’re only starting out as a model.

Here are the following things that you need to do during plus-size modeling auditions:

Get Yourself an Agent/Agency

Many agencies have plus-size models. The job of your agent or agency is to look for a modeling job. They will provide you with job opportunities as a model. If you subscribe to an online talent resource management, you can also find modeling jobs there. You have to be assured that these agents have been regulated by the government. So, when they ask you more than 10% of your talent fee, you have every right to issue a complaint against your agent.

Bring Your Requirements As Instructed by Your Agent/Agency

There are only 3 things you need to bring when you go into an audition. Your headshot, resume, portfolio as well as a pen and paper are the only ones you need whenever you go through plus-size modeling auditions.

Get Ready with the Shoot

A photo shoot is quite expected in every audition, particularly a callback. This part will determine if you will pass the modeling job offered to plus-size applicants.

Be Very Early During Auditions

There are lots of reasons why you must be early during auditions. First, some companies have paper works that have to be filled out before the audition starts. Second, there will be auditionees that can’t make it during the casting call, so there will be a chance that whoever was in earlier will have the chance to be auditioned first. Third, casting staff are human and they get tired; they can’t remember anyone who auditioned in the later part, unless of course, you have an exceptional talent/personality and create a lasting impression for them.

Be Creative and Be Yourself

Do whatever the photographer has to say during the photo shoot session. Practice posing at home, especially your smile.

Do Not Forget to Say Thank You

Bear in mind that the time of the casting directors and the rest of the crew is valuable. Greet the staff members and treat them with respect. Most casting coordinators pick out models that they feel comfortable to work with so that everything will come easier and faster.

As the blending of plus-size and straight-size models take place, there will be continuous changes in the fashion industry. Combining these models make any company lucrative, as lots of sizes will be picked out by the buying customers. Companies today become more and more competitive and sensitive to the needs of plus-size men and women. So, get ready to be part of the fun world of plus-size modeling.

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