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Women Are Calling Out Fashion Nova for Using Size 2 Models to Sell Plus-Size Clothes

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Fashion Nova exploded to the scene after garnering a strong following on Instagram. Among their celebrity endorsers are Lala Anthony, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Cardi B. The brand offers fashion-forward and affordable street wear, and their most popular items include skin-hugging jeans specifically tailored for curvy women.

But Fashion Nova now finds itself in hot water over it latest release. Many women have called out the brand, saying their latest campaign is a false representation of their loyal customers. 

Fashion Nova: Brand Uses Size 2 Model to Sell Plus-Size Clothing

Fashion Nova Plus-Size Clothing

Beauty influencers working for Fashion Nova can be seen all over the Internet, particularly photo-sharing site Instagram, the very place the brand got its start. The models are predominantly curvy women wearing tights, ripped jeans, curve-hugging velvet dresses, and lace-up bodysuits. After just three years of campaigning through social media, the company now has a staff with more than 600 people who come up with up to 500 clothing designs each week.

Plus-Size Model Tabia Majors: “Why do you use size 2 models to represent your plus-size line?”

However, it looks like Fashion Nova is not getting the attention they want lately. It started when plus-size model Tabia Majors criticized the California-based company on her Instagram page by posting the question, “Why do you use size two models to represent your plus-size line?”

Tabia Majors

Users were quick to comment on Majors’ post. She now has over 14,000 likes from followers who have something to say about the issue. After all, Fashion Nova does not hesitate to use curvy models to represent them on Instagram, why wouldn’t they choose the same type of models for their official Web site? To make matters even worse for the company, many have gone on to accuse them of excessively photoshopping the models to create distorted hourglass figures. 

The irony of all this is that Fashion Nova has repeatedly declared their love for the plus-size demographic by naming them as the brand’s most “valuable customers.”

“Fashion should never be limited to size,” founder and CEO Richard Saghian said in an interview with Essence magazine last March. “We saw a market that was being neglected, and we decided to act on it.”

Fashion Nova addresses model controversy

Fashion Nova Addresses Model Controversy

Following the online backlash, the company released this statement on April 4, 2017:

Fashion Nova would like to emphasize the fact that we are never looking to discriminate. We launched Fashion Nova Curve for the curvy and confident only three months ago, and our Instagram account has already got almost 300,000 followers. On that page, we repost our customers’ pictures.

We believe that all women should dress confident and sexy regardless of their weight. The clothes we offer for regular and plus sizes are the same outfits, not separate lines, like most other companies do. We believe that our clothing empowers women of all sizes. Our plus section has had an exceptional response since we launched.. . . In fact, we plan to offer all styles in [extended sizes] by the end of 2017!

The photos featuring a new set of models are confirmed to be released later this year, they will be featured on the curve section of the Fashion Nova site. 

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