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Curvy Fashionistas! Here’s How You Can Fight off the Dreaded ‘Chub Rub’ This Summer Season

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The summer season brings about a dozen of enjoyable experiences. Summer flowers are in full bloom, the beaches look inviting, and the lonely days of winter are finally over and done. But if there is one bad thing about the high-temperature season, it has to be the sweat and discomfort it brings. More often than not, the sweat tends to build up in places where skin touches skin, creating a burning sensation known as chafing. (Just to be clear, this doesn’t just happen to curvy girls but to people of all body types as well.)

Chafing, also known as the more millennial term “chub rub,” typically happens to women since the summer season is the perfect time to wear cute dresses and short shorts. But don’t let that discourage you from stepping out in your favorite summer attire because there are several tools to handle the dreaded chub rub. Here are a few tips. 

Here’s How You Can Prevent ‘Chub Rub’ This Summer

Keep your body cool and dry

Lush Dusting Powder

Wear Bandelettes

Trio Back 2014

Choose the right type of clothing


Aside from Spanx, bandelette or short bike shorts, try opting for outfits made of synthetic fibers instead of cotton you can trap moisture instead of allowing it to evaporate. It is looser, less-abrasive, thinner, and won’t cause that dreaded chub rub! Undersummers are also recommended for longer skirts or dresses.They come in a variety of designs that range from small to 4x. 

If all else fails, why not make a fashion statement this summer by opting for some palazzo pants? A physical barrier that prevents skin contact will stop chafing in no time and they are totally in style for the season. 

Get oily! 

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