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Model Becomes First-Ever Plus-Size Contestant to Reach Miss Universe–Peru Finals

  • 2024

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Mirella Paz Baylon is the first-ever plus-size model to compete for a major beauty title in Peru. Despite being bullied in school and being called a hog, she has reached the finals of the beauty contest.

Miss Baylon, 19, is from Lima, Peru. She broke down and cried tears of happiness when she made it to the final ten of the 2016 Miss Peru Universe contest. The curvy beauty has spoken about how she was made fun of by former classmates because of her body size and shape.

 She made it through the first round of 31 contestants and will soon compete in the final round. The results were televised, and you could see Miss Baylon’s emotional reaction to being called to join the final. The tears show just how happy and relieved she was after all she had been through.

During the competition, she said, “Thank you. You have no idea how pleased I am to have this opportunity. Thank you, thank you.”

Miss Baylon is an architecture student. She said she used to weigh over 210 pounds but dieted to lose weight before the competition.  She says her health was the main reason she wanted to lose a few pounds. She has lost an amazing 20 kilograms or over 42 pounds in just three months. Miss Baylon would like to lose even more, she says. Diet and exercise enabled her to lose such a huge amount in relatively a small amount of time.

Plus-Size Contestant 

She recalls her past, saying, “People called me fat and said I was a hog at university, and I had people talking behind my back. I’m a little nervous, but I’m happy I’ve put all my effort into it because I want to win Miss Peru Universe 2016.”

Miss Peru Universe 2015 winner, Laura Spoya, posted an Instagram photo with the plus-size model, and she captioned it, “What a dream to have finally met Mirella.”

Beauty pageants have seemed outdated for a long time, but the fact that a plus-size woman like Mirella Paz Baylon was even considered and in the finals is a great sign that the public and the media have come to truly accept the plus-size women of today.

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