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What a Runner’s Body Looks Like: Plus-Size Model Candice Huffine Challenges Stereotypes with New Campaign

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It is known fact that society puts a lot of pressure on women. There’s this pressure to be a certain size in order to be thought of as beautiful. But times are changing thanks to the women stepping forward to redefine the standards. Supermodel Candice Huffine is one of them. At size 12, the fashion industry has classified her as a plus-size model. She embraces the label with finesse and has proven time and time again that your body can be beautiful at any size.

Today, Huffine is poised to defy yet another hurdle for plus-size women: fitness. For decades, the image of fitness is a slender body with six-pack abs. But since launching her own fitness brand called DAY/WON, Huffine is crashing the stereotype and helping women step out and be active.

Plus-Size Model Candice Huffine Launches DAY/WON Campaign to Inspire Women to Run

In 2015, plus-size model Candice Huffine made history by becoming the first curvy model to appear in the ever-alluring Pirelli Calendar. She’s also walked the runway for fashion designer Christian Siriano and graced the covers of fashion magazines like Vogue Italy and Elle. Fast-forward to a few years later, she’s overcoming the odds again by running the New York City Marathon, her second marathon this year. Huffine, who stands 5’10” with a 33-inch waist, has made running her go-to activity when she needs a workout fix. In fact, she chose to celebrate her wedding anniversary with filmmaker Matt Powers by completing the Staten Island Half Marathon.

Amazingly, Huffine didn’t start running to prove anything. She does it simply because it makes her feel good. 

Candice Huffine
“Running has brought so much positivity into my life,” says Candice Huffine. “I’m so glad I didn’t let the fear take over.”

Like most seasoned runners, Candice Huffine started small. The Williamsburg native ran 1 mile at a time and continued to do so until she was able to run as far as 4 miles from her apartment. Her biggest feat at that time was running across the Williamsburg Bridge and back. She continues to develop her form by doing regular runs around Central Park. 

“I just didn’t think I could ever be a runner,” the longtime model said. “Was I too tall? Was I too curvy? One day, I just said, ‘I’ve been telling myself I can’t. Why? Let me just try.’ And that was a game changer.”

Apart from helping her stay in shape, a good run, Huffine says, helps stabilize her mental health. She says that the activity has brought “a lot of positivity to her life.” 

Runner Candice Huffines

Part of every good workout regime is finding the right gear. Unfortunately, the fitness apparel for plus-size is visibly lacking options. The clothes are either tailored to women who are too small or are too frumpy and out of style. Due to the lack of options, Huffine decided to take matters into her own hands. She launched her first size-inclusive fitness brand, DAY/WON, which works in partnership with clothing company Ziel Wear. 

According to a report from the company, sizes 18 to 20 have been selling the fastest. The clothing brand carries sizes all the way up to 32W.  There’s a wide range of stylish workout apparel to choose from, including the compression leggings printed with motivational messages like “P.S. You Got This.” 

Candice Huffine Activewear Plus Size Leggings

Candice Huffine has proven that DAY/WON isn’t just stylish, you can rely on it during an intense workout too. Huffine even wore the compression leggings when running the Boston Marathon. 

The clothing line has given the 33-year-old model a platform to promote diversity in fashion and fitness. She joins the ranks of Nike and other big-name brands that are offering more options for plus-size women. So far, Huffine’s newest line has been getting a lot of good feedback from women everywhere. 

Candice Huffine-DAY WON

However, Huffine has admitted that not everything has been smooth-sailing. She shared that there are a few “trolls” who have attempted to undermine her mission to make fitness apparel available for everyone. But Huffine chooses to ignore the haters and focus on the bigger picture. She continues to train, even in between photo shoots and gigs. Like everyone else, she indulges in “cheat days,” something she isn’t afraid to reveal. 

“You’re a ravenous beast because you’re working your ass off,” Huffine said, adding that she’s developed a taste for croissants and burgers as a way to fuel her body that’s drained after intense workouts. 

It’s great to see an influential woman inspire others to pay attention to their health. Being plus-size should never be thought of as unhealthy, you’re capable of being active and staying in shape at any size! Running is a great way to improve your overall well-being, so take a cue from plus-size model Candice Huffine and run.



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