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Quick and Easy Fitness Tips for Plus-Size Models

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Plus-size models need to stay fit in order to meet the demands of their busy schedule. No photographer or casting agent wants to work with a model who is tired or sickly all the time. So it is important to incorporate proper diet and exercise into your lifestyle if you want to keep booking jobs.

Unfortunately, a majority of plus-size women shy away from the gym because they tend to feel left out. After all, media has been building on the idea that there are only two body types in the gym: the lean, lithe athletes and the buff, muscled folks who can lift any weight with ease. Of course, all these perceptions are false. Fitness welcomes everyone! If you head to any gym, you may find athletes and fellow gym-goers of all shapes and sizes.

To inspire you to start sweating it out, here are five quick and easy fitness tips for plus-size models. 

5 Fitness Tips for Plus-Size Models

Tip 1: Start now

Fitness Tips for Plus-Size

First on this list of fitness tips for plus-size models is to remember this one fact: it will be hard to start getting fit if you’re just lounging on your couch. Don’t wait to make exercise a part of your routine. Set a specific time frame as to when you want to get started and what you want to achieve today. It can be anything from buying a pair of reliable sneakers or signing up for a gym membership. The sooner you get things done, the faster you see the results. 

Tip 2: Invest in good workout gear

Workout Outfit

A majority of women quit the gym because they don’t feel comfortable in their workout clothes. If your workout clothes are of poor quality or if they come in the wrong size, you could end up with chafed skin or other conditions that could pull you away from the gym forever. You don’t necessarily have to purchase workout clothes that are expensive; as long as they are comfortable and provide support at all the right places, then you are good to go.

Tip 3: Start with a fun activity

Plus-Size Exercise

Hate the thought of spending endless hours on the treadmill? Then don’t force yourself to do it. If you are just beginning your fitness journey, indulge in an activity that you find interesting. This can be anything from dance class or yoga or hiking. You’ll find that it is 100 percent easier to do the things you love rather than dragging yourself to the gym each day. 

Tip 4: Don’t forget to warm up and cool down


Warm-up and cool-down exercises are the golden rule when it comes to fitness. If you are plus-size, the weight on your body puts more pressure on your joints as you move so you might want to do a bit of cardio to save your joints. Fifteen to twenty minutes of slow movement on the treadmill gets your blood flowing to your muscles, making them flexible enough to support your joints. 

After exercising, you can always get a massage to avoid the aches and pains. It is also recommended that you keep your body dehydrated to reduce muscle cramps. 

Tip 5: Your goal isn’t to become skinny

Louise Green Fit

You’ve probably read stories about how girls nearly killed themselves after extreme dieting and exercise. There are better goals to set than just looking skinny. Besides, the industry is no longer as exclusive as it was before, so you’re bound to find more opportunities as a plus-size model. Other than modeling, exercise gives you the energy to live your life to the fullest. So whether you want to enjoy a weekend with your kids in the playground or a peaceful afternoon walk with your dog, a sound mind and body will help you accomplish anything—and you’re sure to get that by following these fitness tips for plus-size models.

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