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Fashion Blogger Gabi Fresh Disproves Common Plus-Size Fashion Myths

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Fashion blogger Gabi Fresh is taking on plus-size fashion myths. We constantly hear “you can’t wear this” or “don’t wear that,” so finding the right trend to wear may be daunting. But thankfully, Gabi Fresh is here to help us out with her take on the top ten plus-size fashion myths and how you can make a style work for your curvy body frame.

Myth 1: Horizontal Stripes are bad

Horizontal Stripes are bad

Anybody can wear stripes. The key is to find the right width that will work with your body structure. Thicker lines work best on curvy women. They are more proportional to bigger figures. So you should look for stripes that are at least two inches wide. Note that thin and close-set stripes will have an enlarging effect on the body. 

Myth 2: Stilettos are for stick figures

Stilettos are for stick figures

This is so wrong because stilettos actually have an elongating effect on anybody’s legs. Be wary of ankle straps, though, because they cut off the line of your legs. To make your legs look longer, go for a monochromatic look with matching shoes and tights.

Myth 3: Leggings aren’t for plus size

Leggings aren’t for plus size

Leggings are great for anyone. Look for leggings with great details like leather accents because these aren’t too casual like the regular cotton leggings. You can mix and match leggings with cute tops and accessorize to complete your look.

Myth 4: Don’t wear loud prints

Don't wear loud prints

Constantly wearing all black will get boring very quickly. When choosing a bold print, look for something with large designs like the cherries on this dress. Tiny prints will emphasize the dimensions of your body. Having one thousand tiny cherries aren’t better than having 100 large ones.

Myth 5: Boyfriend jeans don’t flatter your figure

Boyfriend jeans don't flatter your figure

Just look at Ashley Graham. If she can rock it, so can you.

Myth 6: Don’t wear bright colors

Don't wear bright colors

There are no shades that are off limits just because you have a bigger body size. Vibrant colors can enrich your life. If head-to-toe colorful is not your thing, mix it up by color-blocking. You don’t have to wear all dark colors all the time to look sophisticated.

Myth 7: Sweatpants are only for exercising

Sweatpants are only for exercising

With the current trend for jogging pants, you can wear them outside of the gym.

Myth 8: Oversized shirts are not stylish

Oversized shirts are not stylish

The key to wearing oversized shirts is balance. Wear a big shirt with pants that hug your figure and you will look stylish not sloppy.

Myth 9: Bigger women should not wear mini skirts

Bigger women should not wear mini skirts

Just like bright colors, there is no size limit to wearing mini skirts. All you need is to find something that fits you well and make sure you don’t show your underwear because that is not a good look for anyone.

Myth 10: Dresses should always emphasize your waist

Dresses should always emphasize your waist

Shift dresses can work well for curvy women. You do not have to have a snatched-in waist all the time. Choose a hemline that ends above the knee so that you show off your legs and the dress still looks good even without emphasizing your waist.

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