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The Heaviest Pole Dancer in the World Says She’s Never Felt Sexier

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LuAyne Brown is a mother of two and online sensation who has been entertaining people around the world with her pole dancing skills. Her dancing videos have received so many views. It has now inspired the 252-pound woman so much that she now wants to be a professional pole dancer. She may be twice the size of straight-size women, but this plus-size woman says she has more tricks and skills than other dancers.

Going by the stage name Lulu, the 29-year-old took up the sport after delivering her child, and she is anything but  a frumpy mommy. She says she’s never felt sexier. From the splits, spins, and upside down twists and moves, Lulu can do it all. When we think of pole dancing, we usually think of those women in gentlemen’s clubs with skimpy clothes and tight, toned bodies. Now we know that there is no weight limit to those who want to learn how to pole dance.

Lulu, who is from Hanover, Maryland, in the USA, explains her hobby by saying, “When I had my first child in 2004, I knew my body would always be the same from then on, so I decided to look for something new to try. Walking into a class for the first time was nerve-wracking, but when the music started, I forgot I was even nervous to begin with. There is no other self-confidence booster for people like me—I was instantly hooked and it was the first time I’d felt sexy in years.”

Pole Dancer

The size 22 dancer appeared on an episode of America’s Got Talent. After that, she became on viral online sensation because so many people wanted to see her show off her pole dancing skills. The former cheerleader is now competing on the pole dancing circuit.

She says, “My favorite tricks are anything upside down or hanging to the pole using my thighs. During the flexibility rounds of competitions, people assume I won’t be able to do it so are always impressed.”

She likes being able to prove the haters wrong by doing something they assume she can’t do just because she is a plus-size woman. 

Pole Dancer

She is not breaking barriers or doing anything new. Even she explained it, saying, “I don’t feel like I’m leading the way with body acceptance, but I’m definitely part of the ship keeping things moving in the right direction. I’ll never be a size 2 and I’m cool with that. Why should it matter what size my hips are if I can dance?”

What we as a society need to put an end to is the fact that we automatically assume a bigger person can’t do the same things. Lulu has proven that curvier women can pole dance and still look sexy. 

Dancing skills are something you learn, so whether you are plus-size or straight-size, you can do it as long as you practice. Lulu wants to make pole dancing her full-time job, because according to her, “If you love your job, you never work day in your life.” 

Regaining your confidence and self-esteem after a pregnancy can be tough. Lulu went about it the right way by coming out of her comfort zone and trying a new thing. She discovered pole dancing which has now turned into her passion. A lesson to learn from Lulu is that women who have given birth and have gained weight or struggled with body issues can regain their confidence. They can learn to love the body they have. As we grow older, our bodies will change. That is a fact of life and something that you cannot prevent.

Loving your body and loving how you look is not easy. It takes a lot for any person to accept a change in their look, but look at people like Lulu. They are inspiring because they love the skin they’re in and they are unapologetic about being a plus-size woman. They are a good example that being bigger doesn’t mean you are inactive or unhealthy. In fact, she can do a lot more on a pole than many straight-size women, and pole dancing is known to be a good upper body strength training exercise. Her body may not be well-defined and toned, but she is strong.

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