Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Helpful Information on Plus-Size Commercial Modeling

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Plus-size commercial modeling is a branch of fashion modeling wherein standard women get emphasized instead of those tall, skinny models. The popularity of this modeling field has become unstoppable, especially with the growing trend of plus-size women going into modeling. Lots of clothing lines have been opened that cater to curved women.

Customarily, plus-size figures are never “in” in the fashion industry. Fashion magazines and commercials rarely included curved women in line with fashion and trends. But, as the centuries passed, lots of plus-size models were discovered in the fashion scene.

Stay Updated

If you want to be a plus-size model, you need to be updated with the latest in both fashion and modeling. When you require information, it is really important for you to look into the internet. It is the greatest source of any info today. Even when you just skim through web pages, you can encounter lots of information when it comes to models, modeling, fashion modeling, commercial modeling, plus-size models and plus-size commercial modeling.

Know the Requirements

If you’re into plus-size commercial modeling, there are lots of opportunities for you like TV and print modeling. You just need to meet their qualifications, then you’ll surely be a plus-size model for certain products and/or services.

Know what are required for you to qualify as a plus-size model. Specific measurements are required for standard commercial models, such as body that has the figure 34-24-34 as the perfect body. While this is not necessary on plus-size modeling, you will still needs to be within the height range of 5’8” to 6’1”. Depending on the modeling agency, you must also wear between a size 10 and 16.

Have a Portfolio

You also need to know that any model must have a portfolio to present during auditions. This is crucial since your portfolio will be used as basis for during modeling auditions or go-sees.

You must also consider if a modeling agency is right for you. There are modeling agencies that cater to plus-size models, while there are other agencies that do not hire curvaceous models. So, you need to distinguish which ones to pass your requirements to.

Stay Healthy

Apart from preparing your portfolio and looking for a modeling agency, you ought to stay healthy as well. This does not mean that you need to go on a diet. The goal of plus-size models is to make ‘normal’ sized women feel great about themselves in their ‘natural’ size. It is because some women are just bigger in structure than others, which they cannot help or have less control over. To be healthy means you have to limit alcoholic beverages and cease smoking. Most importantly, you have to limit intake of fatty and salty foods. Plus-size women are at high risk for lots of diseases, so you should be careful with what you eat.

Keep in mind that you can also seek help from an online talent resource company. They will help you find modeling auditions and modeling jobs that are necessary if you want to succeed in your plus-size commercial modeling career.

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