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Model Tess Holliday Lists Her Top 5 Style Tips for Plus-Size Women

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If you have been in the loop with the fashion industry, then you probably know who Tess Holliday is. As one of the most popular working models of today, this curvy beauty has made it a personal mission to spread awareness on body confidence with her bold campaign “Eff Your Beauty Standards.”

Holliday is back again in the spotlight with her new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl. The semi-autobiographical book chronicles her inspiring journey to self-acceptance. She also gives women tips on how they can learn to love the bodies they were born with. Naturally, someone as stylish and confident like Tess Holliday would know that finding a “signature look” is one of the best ways to feel positive about yourself. So while promoting her upcoming book, Holliday sat down with The Telegraph and shared five essential style tips for plus-size women. Read all about them below.

Supermodel Tess Holliday Shares Her Personal Style Tips for Plus-Size Women

1. “Try a vintage kaftan for easy opulence”

Plus-Size Women Style Tips

Kaftans have been taking over Instagram lately. This popular summer garment is identified by its loose fit and ethereal colors. Holliday has admitted that she’s been collecting kaftans for years and has an eye out for vintage ones. She describes her favorite kaftan piece as one with mushroom prints and big slits on each side. This just proves that plus-size women shouldn’t be constricted to a specific type of style. Anyone can wear flowy pieces or high slits as long as they carry it with confidence. 

2. “Don’t be obsessed by makeup”

Tess Holiday

There’s nothing wrong with putting on makeup. In fact, if you are good at it, then you shouldn’t hesitate to showcase your talent! But Holliday strongly advises that women shouldn’t neglect their skincare routine especially if they pile up on the makeup during the day. She recommends Tatcha’s Indigo moisturizer for women who suffer from rosacea.  

3. “Everyone needs a ‘no-brainer’ outfit”

Plus-Size Woman

Every woman should have a comfortable piece waiting in the closet for casual days. Holliday’s everyday wardrobe is a pair of leggings and a crop top. Not many people think crop tops are the practical choice, but it goes perfectly with the Los Angeles weather where Holliday is from. She completes the ensemble with slides from Rihanna’s Fenty collection, which Holliday happens to be an avid collector of. 

4.  “You can dream of designer dresses”

Iris Van Herpen Design

Though Holliday loves a lot of mainstream brands, she hopes that she can wear a particular high-end designer one day. That designer happens to be Iris Van Herpen. Unfortunately, Herpen’s designs are too small for Holliday, but the model continues to admire the Dutch designer’s creative process. 

Any woman can wear a designer label! All you need to do is to know where to look. A few high-fashion brands that cater specifically to plus-size women include La La Belle, Eileen Fisher, Igigi, and Vince Camuto.

5. “Don’t limit yourself to being inspired by plus-size women”

Tess HollidayCredit: Warwick Saint

Sure, it is nice to be able to identify with someone because you share the same body type. But plus-size women shouldn’t limit themselves when it comes to finding their personal style icon. If you want to take cues from Aubrey Hepburn or Beyonce, then go right ahead! 

Holliday name-drops Rihanna and Marlene Dietrich as her style stars. But if you’re wondering which fellow plus-size model she looks up to in terms of fashion, she rates Premme founder, Nicolette Mason, as her favorite.

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