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How to Promote Yourself as a Plus-Size Model

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The modeling industry gets a lot of criticism for their editing of photos, which sets an unrealistic high standard of beauty. While it is true that photo editing and removing all blemishes is just part of the industry, there are also more opportunities for those who don’t quite fit the regular standard modeling requirements like plus-size models

There are more diverse markets like mature modeling, teen modeling, petite modeling, and alternative modeling. That gives more people a chance to forge a successful modeling career even if they don’t fit the mainstream requirements.

Models with striking features can still establish a great career. They will face similar challenges to those models who work in the straight-size modeling industry. 

Here are some tips on how you can market yourself when getting into the plus-size modeling world.

Get Good Representation

Promote Yourself

One main question that most people wanting to get into the industry would have is how they can best market themselves.

The answer to that is simple. Research. Go online and find the agencies near you. Look for the agencies that work with commercial and plus-size models. Also search for any local designers in your area.

When you’ve made your list, make an appointment to visit them.  A face-to-face meeting will really help you learn what you need to work on and what they want in their models. To have a successful career, a good agency is the yellow brick road that will lead you there. An agency will give you the proper representation, and they’ll know which jobs you should audition for. 

Your ideal agency will work with your individual qualities to make the best use of it in modeling jobs. You need to find an agency that you trust to represent your career. They’ll also help you market yourself as a brand.

Be Active Online

Promote Yourself

You should also be active online. Sign up for blogs and Web sites that give you information about the latest goings-on in the plus-size industry. Having an online modeling portfolio and active public social media accounts is a must. Focus on making your social media pages and profiles look professional. Emphasize your unique qualities on your account so you get people’s attention. Look at the Web sites and social media accounts of successful models like Tess Munster, Ashley GrahamErica Schenk, and more.

Work on Your Portfolio

Promote Yourself

Getting your portfolio in the right hands will also take a lot of hard work and determination. This won’t be a problem if you have an agency, but if you’re just starting out, take some notes.

Have an introduction letter stating your height and dress size. If you can, include your actual measurements of your bust, hips, and waist. Include one headshot and a body shot. The photos are important. You should have simple makeup and wear a top in a solid color and wear jeans so that the person who receive it will get to see your body shape. Mail your portfolio to agencies that accept plus-size models. 

If you see any events happening near you, try to join them. Model searches and plus-size fashion shows also hold open auditions. Going to castings will help you learn the ropes, and you will meet people in the industry that can give your career a boost. When going to castings, you need to have your portfolio and comp card with you. 

As a plus-size model, know that not all modeling opportunities are for you. You should learn what kind of brands and products are relevant to you. There’s always a specific area that you should focus on. Runway opportunities are not that plentiful for plus-size, so perhaps commercial modeling work is what you would focus on to get a steady stream of work.

Be Confident

Promote Yourself

To be a successful model, you need to have a thick face.  You will face a lot of criticism, but you need to learn to take it in a positive manner and learn how that critique can help you become a better version of yourself. Believing in yourself will help you stay focused on the path to making modeling a career. 

Yes, you will experience disappointment. You must be prepared for that and just work on your self-esteem. Keeping your poise in the midst of criticism is important. Be professional at all times because your personality and charm count for a lot as a plus-size model.


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