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An Insider’s Look at Being a Plus-Size Model

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The rising trend of plus-size models has revolutionized how the fashion industry works in more ways than one. It has redefined the standard definition of what makes a woman beautiful and what compasses a beautiful body. The fashion industry has gained quite a reputation for being one of the most critical figures in terms of defining beauty standards.

Model Jennifer Maitland


Unbeknownst to many, plus-size models have started making the scene as early as the 1990s with the success of Em, the very first plus-size model. Since then, their popularity grew steadily.

Thirty-year-old plus-size model Candice Huffine earned the reputation as one of the leading faces of plus-size modeling. She signed her first modeling contract at 15, but it was not only until after high school that her modeling career took off.

Model Candice Huffine


Since then, she has graced the covers of coveted high-fashion magazines like Italian Vogue and V magazine. She is currently featured as one of the models in the 2015 Pirelli Calendar.

Today, plus-size models have graced runways and high-end fashion magazines that were only graced by their thinner counterparts. Yet despite their fame, only a few people know about what it is like to be a plus-size model. To give light to what is behind this field, Huffine gives us an insider’s look on what it’s really like to be a plus-size model.

1. Plus-size models are actually one of the healthiest.

Despite their voluptuous figures, plus-size models are one of the healthiest individuals. Huffine describes that their fuller figures do not mean that they binge on unhealthy eating. She elaborates that she, along with her fellow plus-size models, do have a healthy eating lifestyle.

Two of the most popular diets that plus size models swear by are eating organic food or going on a completely vegan diet.

2. Plus-size models have an active lifestyle.

Modeling is not the only thing that plus-size models are keeping themselves busy with. Some even work as a yoga teacher. Huffine describes,

I cant reiterate enough that this is just the way our bodies are supposed to be. Im extremely active. You dont see me dwindling down to a size 6 because my bodys not meant to be a size 6.”

The model herself regularly goes on a run around the park and is part of the ClassPass, a known fitness establishment that specializes in workout routines based on their clients’ needs.

3. Plus-size models and regular-size models do suffer the same stigma about their body image.

Plus-Size Body Image


There is no doubt that the fashion industry is one of the most critical to work in. Anything out of place becomes an object of criticism or praise, if it does not sit well with the some of the industry’s head honchos.

Huffine describes that both plus-size models and regular-size models have always been the subject of criticism particularly with the body image that they project. She further elaborates that people would comment describe that plus-size models are too big while regular-size models are too small.

She narrates the harsh reality models go through, with the pressure to always look good even if they are not working,

“It’s got to be such a hard thing for them to always be trying to defend. We probably lead the same kind of lifestyle—me and another model out there probably both ate pizza yesterday. And then we also probably both had a green juice this morning. It’s just the way their body is and the way my body is.”

4. Plus-size models do get along with regular-size models.

Plus-Size and Regular-Size Models


Despite the fierce competition within the modeling industry, both plus-size models and regular-size models do get along.

Huffine describes the rather surprising friendship between the models that is rarely known by many,

“Nobodys ever made me feel like I didnt belong there. The other models Ive worked with, regardless of their size, have all been super nice. Weve all just sat around and chatted, and there is no weirdness.”

5. There is a fashion piece available for both plus-size and regular-size women.

Fashion Piece

Fashion pieces are practically for every person of every shape and size.

The top plus-size model admitted that she has had her fair share of disappointments when it comes to choosing the right pieces for her to wear. But she does encourage every girl to never lose hope. She says that the best tip that every girl must do is research. The model recommends that researching on the latest trends and fashion pieces that fit one’s body shape will do great wonders on how one can improve her personal style.

The rise of plus-size models made a bold statement that empowers women to be proud of themselves regardless of what their shape and size is. As quoted from the model herself, “Differences are beautiful and women come in all shapes and sizes.”

6. Plus-size models do not attract unwanted attention as they did before.

Long gone are the days when plus-size girls were attracting unwanted and even scandalous attention when cast for a certain campaign or for a fashion brand. Today, as Huffine described, society is more open to seeing plus-size girls on ads, which then are graced only by regular-size models.

She further describes that such a change in the industry has reinforced a positive body image among the general public particularly among girls who wants to pursue a modeling career.

7. There is always work for models of all shapes and sizes.



Contrary to popular belief, the fashion industry does have jobs for models of all shapes and sizes. Huffine gives a brief description below of how the modeling industry deals with its roster of girls who are of different sizes and shapes.

“There’s work for girls of all sizes. You see a lot of women that are a size 8 working. It just so happens that they’re called plus-size models too, and then it gets all confusing.”

Whether you are curvier than your friends and siblings, this should not hinder you from pursuing your dreams. Being proud of who you are and celebrating your uniqueness should be your driving force in achieving greater heights, as what was proven by not just Candice Huffine but also by her fellow models like Ashley Graham and Crystal Renn.

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