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Jamelia – Plus-Size Fight Heats Up with Recent Fashion Expert’s View

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British singer Jamelia recently made headlines and came under fire following her controversial comments about how plus size clothing should only be sold in specialty stores. Although the singer was quick to issue an apology afterwards, fashion experts have stepped in to share their own opinion about her infamous statements.

In an interview with the, Birmingham City University fashion and business expert Alison Rapsey said that retail stores should, in fact, stock bigger garments to cater to the curvier ladies. Rapsey stated that the average woman is now a size 16 and the term ‘plus size’ should be re-defined.

Fashion Expert’s View

This fashion expert shared her own words of what she thought of the British singer’s insensitive comment:

There is no denying we are getting larger, so Jamelia couldn’t be more wrong with her views on the ‘average woman’, It’s time we started catering for the clothing demand instead of shying away from it.”

She went on to cite examples of known fashion retailers that have transitioned from only selling plus-size clothes online to displaying them on the high street in order to meet the demand of the market.

Fashion Expert’s View

“Retailers like Dorothy Perkins have increased their size offering beyond an 18 in most products and we have seen plus-size brands like Simply Be move from being internet-only onto the high street because of demand.”

Rapsey then went on to point out the reluctance of high fashion brands like Michael Kors to cater to the plus size market with their very limited fashion pieces in larger sizes. This reluctance only shows that the fashion industry still has a long way to go in fully embracing the plus-size phenomenon.

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