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Japan’s Marshmallow Girls Redefines Plus Size in Their Own Way

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Plus sized women in Japan have adopted the term ‘marshmallow girl’ as a new monicker to express their love for their curves. The term was coined by the Japanese fashion magazine, La Farfa, which made the country’s fashion history as the first fashion magazine to cater specifically to plus-size women.

Marshmallow Girl

La Farfa’s aim was to change the way Japanese people think about their own plus size community. The magazine’s ‘marshmallow girl’ nickname was to enforce a positive image for large women not just in their own country, but also all over Asia. The campaign became a success as the intensely fat-phobic people of the world took notice of the positive revolution.

In its most recent issue, La Farfa featured the Japanese plus-size model Goto Seina and labeled her ‘marshmallow girl’.

During an interview with the fashion magazine, Seina revealed that the term was quite refreshing, as it comes with a positive vibe. She was quoted saying:

“Of course there will be different opinions — people who say ‘you’re a pig’ or ‘you’re a fatty. But for me, marshmallow girl makes me really happy.”

The plus-size model hoped that the term would eventually spread. And, it did, but just not without any controversy. In a report published by Audrey magazine and Japan Crush, the term instantly gained popularity among Japanese netizens, but with a bit of backlash. Some of the negative comments can be seen below:

However, some individuals, mostly women, were open in embracing the new term. Their comments include, “So excited about this!” and “It’s actually adorable, and super empowering!”.

La Farfa’s ‘marshmallow girls’ are very active on the social media scene particularly in Twitter and Instragram. The magazine’s editor Harumi Kon, recently revealed in an interview with Japan Times that the magazine’s aim was to promote a positive body image among others.

‘”We don’t promote losing weight or gaining weight, because there are women that look gorgeous regardless of what they weigh, Our view is that people should not be defined by the size of the clothes they wear.”

And, it seems Kon’s message has caught on. Just last week, a new profile on Tumblr appeared called fyeahmarshalllowgirls. The social media profile has this description in their profile:

“..a blog devoted to the appreciation of all the super cute, fabulously fashionable, and down right gorgeous marshmallow girls in the world.”

Like similar blogs, fyeahmarshmallowgirls is a site devoted to positive images for larger women. Since its release, they have already gained some followers on Tumblr and Instragram. However, even with all these hype, the term did not sit well with everyone. While the ‘marshmallow girl’ term did ignite a positive vibe, it seems that finding the right one to describe plus-size women is still far from happening.

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