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Lauding the Legacy of Plus-Size Model Mia Amber Davis

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Every aspiring plus-size model out there should get to know the name and legacy of Mia Amber Davis. Today marks the plus-size models fourth year death anniversary after she suffered complications brought upon by blood clots in her lungs, following a knee surgery from a basketball injury. She is considered as one of the most influential figures in the plus-size fashion industry.

Plus-Size Model Mia Amber Davis

Although Davis neither spearheaded any body positive movements nor was she the first plus-size model on the scene, she was largely credited for laying the groundwork that placed the plus-size community on the spotlight today. Aside from being the well-known muse of the popular plus-size fashion brand Monif C, her illustrious body of work also consisted of collaborations with fashion brands like Ashley Stewart.

Plus-Size Model Mia Amber Davis

Aside from being a plus-size model, Davis is also a Renaissance woman. Not only did she dabble in modeling, she also gained recognition for her work as an actress, motivational speaker, and writer. As a writer, Davis was the creative editor at large for the PLUS Model Magazine. As an actress, she gained minor roles for the 2000 film, Holla If I Kill You and in the 2003 movie, Road Trip.

Perhaps it was Davis’ outlook on body acceptance and diversity that slowly paved way for her legacy to unfold in the industry and beyond. The model, who was known for her statuesque beauty and unique personality, was credited for instilling the idea of embracing one’s curves, which eventually became the ultimate game changer in the industry.

 “Mia was more than a model, she was a woman who lived with integrity and passion. She was a role model to many and was admired for her inner and outer beauty. Many of the changes we are seeing in the plus size industry are a result of what Mia started and we will never forget that.”

These were the words shared by Plus Model Magazine editor in chief Madeline Jones. And, despite the rather slow and careful progress of the plus size fashion industry back in the day, Davis had the perfect response for it.

“Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all have to stick together and push forward as a community. If we band together, anything is possible. Let’s celebrate the little successes because they will eventually lead to big ones.”

Today, her legacy lives on and plus-size women are now getting the recognition they deserve. From the highly successful plus size campaigns like #ImNoAngel and #EffYourBeautyStandards to Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley being on Sports Illustrated, the plus size revolution that is now invading the world can be credited to this inspirational woman.

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