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Lauren Blackmore: Model Gains Several Pounds to Find Work

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When Lauren Blackmore began her career ten years ago, she was told by casting directors that she needed to lose weight. But instead of heeding their advice, she decided to gain even more pounds. After years of feeling unsure about herself, Lauren Blackmore now has no problems booking jobs as a plus-size model.

Lauren Blackmore: Model Gains 42 lbs to Qualify as Plus-Size

Plus-Size Model

Lauren Blackmore was frequently advised by her agents to lose weight. She turned to drastic diets, pills, and laxatives in an attempt to “fit” in the industry. The effects did not just take a physical toll on her, but it also affected her mental heath. Blackmore recalled how she suffered panic attacks and later turned to binge-eating to cope with what she was feeling inside. The lowest point came when she had to hide her secret indulges and compensate by eating a scanty three meals in front of everyone. 

The Essex-based model later had enough from the pressure and finally decided to embrace her curves. Blackmore went from a size 8 to a healthy size 12. Her decision opened many opportunities for her in the field of modeling. Among them was a nude photo shoot inspired by fellow plus-size model Sophie Dahl‘s Opium ad back in 2000. She has also managed to book several lingerie ads.

Lingerie Modelling

Now that Lauren Blackmore has realized her dream, she is urging others to do the same. She has now become a life coach and is looking to inspire more women everywhere. 

 “Lingerie modelling was always something I wanted to do but I was told I wasn’t good enough. Everyone I approached always said I was too big for modeling, but I was desperate to be signed to an agency.” She said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “They all said I would need to lose at least three stone to make it as a successful model. Because of this, I became really self-conscious of the way I looked, and I was always dieting.”

Lauren Blackmore stated that she would often punish herself for eating comfort food like chocolate. She later became a recluse and refused to purchase bigger sizes. But Blackmore came to the realization that her destructive actions were not worth risking her life for and quit trying to constantly lose weight.

 “I am finally living my dream and pursuing a career for plus sized women as well as anyone who has insecurities about their body. I am now a curvy size 12, I no longer weigh myself and I don’t diet or compare myself to other women,” she added in her interview. “I never thought I would show my body off again, but I knew I had to face my fears, I have learnt to accept my body I am now on a new journey to be slim and healthy for me and no one else.”

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