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Learn to Walk the Runway with These Tips

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Whomever you ask, the catwalk takes a lifetime to master. It may look like plain walking, but just so you know, models and pageant contestants are actually continuously trained to strut the runway. The catwalk requires good posture, balance, and technique—all of which take time to develop. So when it comes to making an impression on the catwalk, practice makes perfect! Read on for a guide on channeling your inner goddess as you walk the runway.

How to Walk the Runway Perfectly

Walk the runway


1. Test-drive your shoes.

While the women on the runway make it look easy, strutting your stuff in 4-inch heels isn’t. Your feet will need some getting used to for them to cooperate. So there’s no better way to get accustomed to wearing those pumps than actually walking in them before the big day. Camilla Morton, author of How to Walk in High Heels and A Year in High Heels, says, “Get a cart and go for a spin. As you stock up on groceries, use the cart for balance while your feet get used to the new high heels.”

2. Straighten up.

Think tall. Model and runway regular Ali Stephens says, “Make sure when you take a step you straighten and extend your leg—it’ll help you move gracefully and elegantly.” While walking, stand up straight, leaning slightly back so your legs can go first. Keep your toes pointed forward so they aren’t turned out. Then walk with one foot in front of the other as if walking on a tightrope.

3. Let the loud music be your uplifting motivation.

Get into a rhythm! When a natural bounce to the beat happens, add to it by thinking about holding your head high and keeping your shoulders back. Concentrate on the attitude that you want to project, and sustain that look for as long as you can while walking. If you can put a rhythm and attitude in your step, your walk will come to life and exude a fantastic supermodel energy. When you are on the catwalk, imagine the music that puts you in your groove and follow that groove.

4. Capture the essence of the clothes you’re wearing with your facial expression.

When it comes to making a good supermodel facial expression, the emphasis in the face is on the eyes and eyebrows. Focus on an object straight ahead of you, and try to smize (smile with you eyes). This will give a fierce look to your face and to your walk. Keep your chin level and your eyes up—you want the spectators to see your face. When you make your turn at the end, make sure that your face is the last thing to turn away from the audience.

5. Your confidence should shine outward.

There is absolutely no substitute for knowing you look amazing in a pair of stilettos. Author Camilla Morton reminds us, “When you wear high heels, you look good and you feel good!” You have to feel good and make it work. Don’t let the fear of stumbling keep you from owning these shoes. Think of yourself as a model in attitude and presence. Know you’re beautiful. Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be damaging. There’s nothing prettier than a girl with solid confidence.

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