Plus-Size Modeling Tips

Learning the ABCs on How to be a Plus-Size Model

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Do you also ask the question, How can I be a plus-size model? Things are as easy as ABC or 123, if only you know which way to go and whom to turn to for help. If you have the drive and the passion to really succeed as a model, then you have to attune yourself to everything related to becoming one.

Lots of magazines offer lots of tips for upcoming models. However, almost all of them are unbelievable. Here are simple do-it-yourself tips you can actually follow so you can achieve your goal of becoming a superstar in the plus-size modeling arena.

 The 3-Step Guide to Becoming a Plus-Size Model

 1. Prepare yourself at all times.

You have to prepare yourself if you want to be part of plus-size modeling auditions. You can do this by getting your exact measurements and dress size. Do not lie while filling out this crucial information. Remember that you’ll also be weighed in, and your vital stats will be taken as soon as you get to the audition venue.

It is also best if you enroll in modeling classes. This is helpful since you will be taking lessons that are related to fashion modeling like how to do makeup, choose clothes, walk in the ramp, and many more. These fashion schools are also beneficial in networking yourself if you really want to pursue your career as a fashion model.

 2. Get represented by an agency.

An online talent resource agency will be the best solution for you if you have been encountering problems in getting auditions. An agency is able to provide you with both open and private modeling auditions or go-sees that could make you a step ahead of other model colleagues-competitors. This will eliminate the need of going to each and every modeling agency’s office.

3. Know what to do during the actual audition.

During modeling auditions, you should only have one thing in mind, and that’s to impress the judging panel. Here’s how you can impress the judges during a plus-size modeling audition:

Be yourself.

Nothing is more impressive than being yourself. You have to acknowledge your inner strengths. Most plus-size women have a distinctive personality, so you have to let it shine.

Dress to impress.

You have to pick out clothes which are more attuned to your personality. Never hide your body because this indicates insecurity. Choose clothes that are exactly your size. Make sure to make an impression that lasts.

Get an incredible representation.

While most people say that the it’s-not-whom-you-know method does not apply to fashion industry, it’s not true at all. You have to create a network and use this properly. Get represented or referred to by friends or acquaintances that you have impressed.

Behave properly during photoshoots.

Do your own research. Try out different poses that you can apply during the actual photoshoots. This will also help photographers make their work easier.

Be courteous always.

Greet the production staff from the security personnel, colleagues, to the casting panel. Thank the judging staff once you are finished with your modeling audition.

All of the tips mentioned here are just the basics. But they are very important. These are the first things you have to take note of if you want to be successful as a plus-size model.

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