Plus-Size Modeling Jobs

List of Plus-Size Modeling Jobs

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Straight-size models are considered as the “regular” fashion models. Those are the girls who are sizes 00, 0, 2, and 4. If you go beyond these sizes, most agencies will consider you plus-size, even if you’re still a size 6. In the real world, the straight size girls do not accurately represent women, in general. However, the same goes for plus-size models. Because most of them fall between size 10 and 16, they are still regarded as among the averaged size women, which still won’t speak for those who wear dress sizes bigger than what these models wear.

So, basically, models in the plus-size industry have the same requirements as the straight-size models. They need to be tall, with 5’8″ being the minimum height requirement. Their bodies also need to be proportionate and toned, while their skin should be flawless to be able to get plus-size modeling jobs.

The plus-size industry has many options for models. They have all sorts of jobs available for aspiring models to audition for. Here are several great examples of exciting careers in the plus-size business and the companies who hire them:

Plus-Size Runway Modeling

What is it:  Models wear clothing and accessories that they showcase as they parade down a raised platform surrounded by an audience of fashion buyers and celebrities.

Who Hires These Models:,, and others

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Plus-Size Fit Modeling

What is it: A fit model is a person used by a clothing company or designer as a live mannequin. They use it to check the fit, drape, and appearance of a garment on a real human being.

Who Hires These Models:, Avenue, and others

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Plus-Size Fashion Print Modeling

What is it: Fashion print modeling is more high end than commercial. They model for the top brands in glossy magazines and editorials.

Who Hires These Models:,,,,,,,, and others

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Plus-Size Commercial Print Modeling

What is it: Commercial modeling is for features in local or national catalogs and advertisements. Most of the work for plus-size is commercial, so this is a good way to have a steady income as a model in the industry.

Who Hires These Models:,,,,, and others

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Plus-Size Catalog Modeling

What is it: A catalog model is chosen because they represent the ideal market for that catalog. They are usually classic beauties. A business will pay the model to wear their clothing, so that the shoppers will be enticed to buy their merchandise.

Who Hires These Models:,,,,,,,, and others

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Plus-Size Swimwear Modeling

What is it: A curvier woman needs specific swimwear and some plus-size brands have their own lines that they need models to advertise.

Who Hires These Models:,,,,,,,,

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Plus-Size Maternity Modeling

What is it: It’s hard to find good maternity clothes and this is also a challenge that plus-size women face. Maternity modeling is a niche market that gets a lot of attention.

Who Hires These Models:,, 

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These are just some examples of jobs in the plus-size modeling industry. You can also try auditioning for TV commercials, extras for movie or television, and game shows. The only difference with plus-size and straight-size models is their size. The requirements and how you go about acquiring jobs are the same.

The plus-size industry takes pride in being able to represent women in a variety of sizes. Their models are closer to what an average woman actually looks like.  In fashion magazines, you’ll find a different level of beauty standards and this can bring out insecurities among readers. However, the plus-size field presents readers with an alternative to the skeletal models for high fashion editorials.

The industry is not safe from criticisms though. Some say that having plus-size lines promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Curvy and plus-size have almost become euphemisms for fat. These critics are wrong though. A plus-size model is not promoting a lifestyle, they are selling clothes and accessories just like the straight-size models. There are also some plus-size models who talk about being healthy and having a positive body image.

The plus-size industry still has a long way to go and they need to work on having diversity in representing the bigger size women. They need to promote loving the skin you’re in and also use models that accurately represent a true plus-size woman.

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