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Plus-Size Trainer Louise Green Shares Empowering Workout Tips for Plus-Size Women

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For plus-size women, the mere thought of going to the gym or exercising can be overwhelming. But one very important fact that everyone should know is that despite the prominence of fat-shaming in fitness culture, there are those who have proven the naysayers wrong. 

Fresh off the release of her book Big Fit Girl, plus-size athlete and professional trainer Louise Green wants to continue her campaign for body diversity. In line with this, she encourages plus-size women to start hitting the gym not because she wants them to get skinny but to promote a healthier lifestyle among women. Here are a few highlights from Green herself.

Louise Green Shares Workout Tips for Plus-Size Women

Louise Green: “You are the CEO of your body”

Louise Green, Fitness Trainer

Based on her own experience, Louise Green said that plus-size women are often self-conscious and apologetic about their bodies. She advises that women should start developing a positive mind-set when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Thinking of yourself as the “CEO of your body” will help you stay on track when it comes to achieving your own fitness goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Plus-Size Workout

Whether you are only starting out on your fitness journey or have already met some of your short-term goals, you should never hesitate when it comes to asking questions to your fitness trainer. It is very important to be able to connect with your trainer in a more personal level, that way you get more comfortable with asking questions and learning more about their approach to nutrition. You need to take on this challenge with someone who encourages body-positivity instead of a trainer who sets unrealistic goals. 

Stop making weight loss your primary goal

Louise Green-Plus-Size Fitness

Sure, it may be nice to lose a little weight, but according to Louise Green, this should not be the primary reason for hitting the treadmill each week. Instead, she recommends putting your focus on “lifestyle goals” that eventually lead to weight loss. So the next time you conspicuously plan your meals and workout routine, make sure they are all manageable. By doing this, you become more motivated to become happy and healthy, which consequently leads to weight loss as a by-product of all your hard work. 

Start investing in the right workout gear

Best Brands for Workout Clothing

The right sports bra, pair of sneakers, or yoga pants can be game-changing. A majority of people quit their workout routine altogether just because they feel uncomfortable in what they wear. To avoid this, Green recommends the following:

  • Pants should have a drawstring and some compression to allow you to move more freely without coming apart at the seams.
  • Shopping for the right sports bras can be quite a challenge for plus-size women. Look for sports bras that are both adjustable and have support cups for each breast.
  • The right pair of sneakers is crucial when it comes to working out. Brands such as Nike and Adidas have specialized shoes designed for CrossFit, running, and other types of rigorous training.

Do whatever you want to do 

Water Aerobics

It may sound clichéd, but Green believes that as long as you put your heart and mind to it, you can do whatever you want to do. “Larger people are often told to do water aerobics or activities that are perceived as gentle,” Green told BuzzFeed. She added that by doing things gradually, you’ll grow accustomed to the fitness activity of your choice.

You are also free to try different things until you find an activity that works best for you. Remember, you should never work out for the sake of impressing anyone but yourself. So stop wishing to get fit and get out there to start working toward your goals.

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