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Male Plus-Size Models Rock Brandon Kyle Show

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NYFW 2016 marked a big change in the fashion industry when sixteen gorgeous plus-size models sashayed down the runway. Although the industry still has a long way to go, it marks a big step for body positivity and acceptance. Right now, yet another change is set to happen as male plus-size models take the center stage.

Kavah King, one of the few plus-size male models active in the industry today, spilled the beans about his recent gig with Brandon Kyle Menswear. In an honest post on, King shared his experience on how male plus-size models are impacting fashion.

Male Plus-Size Models Walk Runway Show

Male Plus-Size Models

Brandon Kyle is the first contemporary brand for plus-size menswear. It offers a number of fashion forward pieces especially designed for the “big and tall man.” The company aims to fill in the lack of clothing options in the market for larger sizes and does so by showcasing only the best fashion designs and stylish campaigns featuring male plus-size models. 

Before his stint with Brandon Kyle, King recounts seeing the ad online for male plus-size models needed for an upcoming show. He wrote,

So when I saw a post on Facebook announcing that Brandon Kyle Coates of Brandon Kyle (+Menswear) was looking for big and tall males to model on the runway for his first show, I paused. I will admit publicly that I don’t get nervous often. But this? I was reluctant at first.

I don’t consider myself the model type. I am a blogger and at times, I prefer to stay in the background.

However, after receiving major encouragement from a few friends (who tagged me on the post), I decided to go for it and submit my name/information.

King’s initial anxiety was later replaced with determination as soon as he realized on how important this would be for plus-size men everywhere. He even admitted that at one point his nerves almost got the best of him, but the mere idea that he was providing growth and movement towards body diversity was such a great chance to pass on.  

Male Plus Size Models Share Their Empowering Experiences 

Male Models

It wasn’t just King who experienced empowerment during the Brandon Kyle show, other male plus-size models had this to say. 

Model Ady Del Valle (@iam_adydelv on Instagram):

“My first time hitting the runway was amazing. For me, it was more like a wave of emotions and feelings. I felt excited, nervous, anxious but in a good way because I wanted to make sure I did my best to represent us bigger guys the best way I could. My main purpose in walking in the fashion show was to send the message that no matter how you look or your size, with a bit of confidence, you can change everyone’s perspective and outlook on how they see us bigger people. We can be fly and rock the latest look with little effort. This movement is for everyone, big or small. I’m beyond grateful and happy that I was one of the people chosen to represent this body positive moment with my fellow Brawn brothers who I know had the same purpose.”

Model Tremayne Williams (@treyadonis7 on Instagram):

“I feel excited to be a part of the body positivity movement. This is bigger than just myself. I am honored to represent so many people that should feel confident in their own skin. The runway was just an opportunity for everyone to embrace the fact that beauty comes in all sizes! I look forward to new opportunities to show the world just how beautiful plus size is too!”

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