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Meghan Trainor Shares Her Bold and Honest Thoughts About the Term ‘Plus-Size’ as She Defends Comedian Amy Schumer

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Singer Meghan Trainor is the latest artist to speak up and admit that she is not a fan of the term plus-size because “it just sounds like big size.” Because of her song “All About That Bass,” Meghan became the poster girl for plus size. But she is quick to say that she is no such thing.

Her song celebrated all body shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean that the singer herself is plus size. According to her, “There’s no normal in the middle.” She says that when people meet her, they tell her, “Oh, you’re really skinny in person.” That annoys Meghan because she thinks, “What the hell does that mean? I’m just fat on TV?”

She says it’s strange that people are shocked by her actual body size. She doesn’t know why she was made the promoter of the plus-size movement.

Meghan also came to the defense of Amy Schumer, a popular comedian who hit headlines when she spoke out about her image being featured among other plus-size celebrities. Schumer said calling her plus size was “not cool.” Speaking of Schumer, Meghan says, “It’s ridiculous that she is [called] a plus size. She’s not.”


Meghan says that Schumer is perfect and that she wishes she had her body. She was shocked that Schumer was placed on the cover proclaiming her plus size. She agrees with Schumer that the media needs to be more responsible about what they print. According to Schumer, “Don’t let 12-year-olds think that a size 6 or a size 8 (UK size 10 or size 12) is plus size because it’s not.”

Teenagers on social media are easily influenced. Calling normal size or average size women plus size can have serious implications on women’s body issues and self-esteem.


In recent years, promoting a positive body image has been the hot topic. Many in the fashion industry want to move away from the stick thin, “heroin chic” look that was so prevalent in the nineties and early 2000s.

Normally, in the United States, the term plus size covers size 16 and above. And while there is nothing wrong about being plus size, it is not right to call women like Schumer, who wears US size 8 or 10, plus size. Saying a regular size woman is a bigger size than she is can seriously affect any teenagers and young adults who are already conscious of their own blossoming bodies.

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