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The Most Memorable Plus-Size Fashion Moments of 2015

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The fashion industry constantly evolves. If you look at styles from the past decades, you can see the huge change in women’s body types. Nearly every decade there is an “in” body type. In the sixties, Twiggy popularized stick thin. In the eighties, tall, beautiful women ruled. In the nineties, Kate Moss made heroine chic cool. Now in the twenty-first century, the fashion world is more inclusive. The plus-size fashion world was given a lot of attention in 2015. There were plenty of memorable moments last year that will completely change how we view fashion and style.

Plus-Size Fashion

Of course, there is always room for improvement and room to grow. But lately, the plus realm has been at the center of many fashion improvements that have been very beneficial to full-figured women. Below is a list of the most memorable plus-size fashion moments of 2015.

1. Ashley Graham’s NYFW Lingerie Show

Plus-Size Fashion

Ashley Graham‘s New York Fashion Week appearance in lingerie was amazing. She showed the public that a curvy woman can be as sexy as a straight-size model. Her line Addition Elle was debuted on the runway by some of the top models of the plus-size world. 

2. Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton

Plus-Size Fashion

After 14 seasons on the air, finally, there is a designer on Project Runway who designs for plus-size women. Ashley Nell Tipton won and her collection was shown on the runway at New  York Fashion Week. It was a monumental moment for reality TV and for curvy women all over the country. Critics will be excited to see what the designer has in store for 2016. 

3.The #PlusIsEqual Campaign

Plus-Size Fashion

In the September issue of Vogue magazine, there was a powerful ad. Plus-size clothing giant Lane Bryant did an eye-catching #PlusIsEqual campaign that received support and criticism. It kept plus-size trending on social media and gave it media attention that not many ads receive now. 

4. Increase in high-end plus brands

For a long time, plus-size fashion was not stylish. They weren’t well-made, and they looked like shapeless, unflattering garments. Thankfully, that has changed, and there are many brands like Shegul, Mei Smith, PLY, and Universal Standard that are providing high-end designs. These pieces are more expensive, but they are also figure-flattering investment pieces that can be worn for years.

5. Real Women as models

Plus-Size Fashion

Real women or non-models have been used to promote the body positive trend. For 2016, you can bet that there will be continued promotion of “real women” and “real bodies,” which will be good for showing that women of all shapes and sizes are represented in the media.  

6. Celebrity clothing lines/collaborations

Plus-Size Fashion

Celebrities are coming up with their own clothing collections to promote plus-size fashion. Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson are among those who launched their collaborations with clothing lines to rave reviews. Wilson is working with Torrid, and McCarthy’s designs can be found online, at HSN, Lane Bryant, and Penningtons.

7. Eloquii’s expanded size range

Plus-Size Fashion

Eloquii expanded its size range to include sizes 26 and 28. They also had models who had different shapes and sizes. The old idea of showing smaller “aspirational” models is a thing of the past. Customers want to see women of their size and shape wearing the clothes that they want to wear. 

8. Tess Holliday on the cover of People Magazine

Plus-Size Fashion
Tess Holliday is one of the best plus-size models in the industry. She has had a meteoric rise to fame after she signed with MiLK Model Management and getting the cover of People magazine. Holliday has modeled for H&M, Torrid, Yours Clothing, and other brands.  Standing at 5’5″ and being a size 22, Holliday’s popularity is making an impact on the modeling industry that is obsessed with body size. 

9. Target’s plus-size offering

Target is a great place to find affordable fashion, but for years, they have not expanded sizes to include bigger women. Finally, they are offering plus-sizes up to size 18 with other sizes available online. Target has said that if their Lilly Pulitzer collection did well, they will have more available in store. That collection has sold out, so hopefully they will be selling their plus-size fashions in their stores for 2016.

These are just some of the memorable moments of 2015 where plus-size fashion made the headlines. The fashion world is changing to become more inclusive, and it’s great to see that the public and consumers are more than happy to go along with plus-size becoming mainstream. 

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