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Model Tabria Majors Hits Back at ‘Body Camera’ After App Photoshops Her Body

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Tabria Majors has proven once again that she isn’t one that should be messed with.

The gorgeous model made headlines last month after she flawlessly recreated popular Victoria’s Secret ads. She not only proved that curvy girls look just as great in lingerie as straight-size models do, but she made it a point to remind people that confidence—and not weight—sells a product.

So when a mobile application unsolicitedly used an image of her with a photoshopped waistline, Majors didn’t take it too lightly. Keep reading to see her brilliant response. 

Body Camera App Photoshops Tabria Majors Without Permission, So She Has This Epic Comeback

Tabria Majors

It is a shame that women have to continuously defend themselves whenever they are body-shamed. What happened to Majors could have been totally avoided had the company respected her in the first place. But sadly, society constantly reminds people of the scrutiny women face day to day. Whether it’s an insult to the way they look, dress, and act, it always seems like a woman is placed under a microscope to be judged.

Fortunately, there are people like Tabria Majors that remind women everywhere that they too can be confident and beautiful no matter their size.

Shortly after getting wind of Body Camera’s insulting ad, the Sports Illustrated model reposted the photo on her account. 

“First of all, @bodycamera2017, if you’re going to use my image to sell your product, run me my coin!” she said in the caption. 

“Second of all, this is flat out disrespectful,” Majors continued. “I can understand minor touch ups, but apps like these where you can photoshop your body into oblivion are a huge contributing factor to people having self esteem issues.”

Majors proved an important point. Other than the fact that using someone else’s photo without their permission is purely illegal, scrutinizing their weight is just downright disgusting. Everyone would agree that Majors looked beautiful—if not even more gorgeous—before Body Camera’s after photo anyway. 

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