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Molly Constable Becomes the First Plus-Size Model to Grace ‘Playboy’ Magazine

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Even after the death of founder Hugh Hefner and the strict imposition of the no full-frontal nudity policy, Playboy magazine remains to be one of the most famous adult magazines in the business. The monthly publication is practically synonymous with sex, with each release featuring a bevy of glamorous and not to mention scantily clad models.

But even with the variety of beauties gracing each issue, one demographic has clearly been missing throughout these years: plus-size women.

However, this month’s issue is taking a huge step forward toward size inclusivity by featuring a whimsically retro photoshoot with rookie model Molly Constable. The photos are undeniably breathtaking, and they’re made even more beautiful thanks to Playboy‘s decision to keep the entire shoot au naturale (read: zero photoshop). Check out Constable’s photos below.

Molly Constable Is ‘Playboy’ Magazine’s First Plus-Size Model

Molly Constable’s Playboy spread comes on the heels of transgender model Ines Rau‘s cover last October. Constable’s shoot took place in the 22-year-old’s upstate New York home and was shot by photographer Heather Hazzan. The spread featured the size 14 model in various natural, almost-no-makeup looks. She was dressed by stylist Calvy Click in lingerie, gorgeous gowns, and other vintage looks that contrasted wonderfully with the rustic feel of the wooded backdrop.

Molly, who once walked alongside Ashley Graham at the fashion week, was also featured in Vogue after the publication named her as one of the Rising Model Stars of 2017. Her other credits include a spread in Harper’s Bazaar and Love magazine.

But despite her success in the field, Molly admits that she’s never had it easy.

“I did a shoot with a large publication, and the makeup artist couldn’t believe that I was an actual model and this was my job,” she shared. “I’ve shown up on set for a big shoot, and the stylist has looked me up and down and walked away to speak to the art director, which I assume she didn’t do her research and must’ve forgotten I wasn’t a size 2.”

Meet Molly Constable, Playboy‘s latest model. Prior to posing for the adult magazine, the 22-year-old built a huge online following thanks to unfiltered photos that promote body positivity and confidence.


Despite the praise she’s getting for her shoot, Molly hopes people will learn to look beyond her size. “I wish we could all be called models and move on to more important subjects,” she said. “Size is not an issue—we all do the same job.”

Plus-Size Photoshoot

“I want to be able to do what I love and not have it to do with size but just the fact that I am doing what I love,” Molly added.

Molly Constable in ‘Playboy’ Magazine

But even after facing discrimination in the industry, she continues to believe that everyone has a shot at proving themselves worthy of making it in fashion. For inspiration, Molly looks up to English model Adwoa Aboah.

Molly Constable

Kudos to Molly Constable and to Playboy magazine for showing the world that beauty comes in all shapes, genders, and sizes!

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