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Mom Bullied for the Color of Her Skin Turns into a Plus-Size Model to Inspire Her Daughter

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From being the object of racist ridicule, a mother-of-two has been inspired to become a plus-size model after her daughter, 8, was bullied over how she looked.

Plus-Size Model With Her Daughters

Twenty-six-year-old Jerri Hoath from London says she was bullied when she was younger because of the color of her skin. She vowed to never let her daughter Navaeah feel as low as she did before.

Her mixed-race daughter Navaeah would come home from school with scratches on her back and would even try to scrub off her skin in the bath.

Plus-Size Model with Her Daughter

That is when her mother decided to turn herself into a model so she could inspire her daughter to embrace her natural beauty. Jerri explains, “I caught Navaeah frantically scrubbing her skin in the bath one day after she’d been at school and it broke my heart.”


When her daughter asked her why she was made that way and why she had that skin color, that was the tipping point. Jerri wanted to help her and to show her that there are different kinds of beauty in the world. She struggled to do that because she claims she never had confidence in herself. That’s what made her want to change and learn to love herself.

It was over two years ago that Jerri was approached by an ambassador for Ms. Curvaceous UK. She was told that she should try out for their modelling competition for plus-size women.

Plus-Size Model

She was persuaded by her daughter to go and try out for the competition. Then Jerri had a revelation and finally she found a place where she fit in for the first time in her life.

Plus-Size Model

Since then, she has gained more confidence and can even pose in swimwear and do runway modeling. She says she owes it all to her daughter. Jerri works as a model almost every week and she also works as a pre-school teacher.

Plus-Size Model

She’s won the award for Best International Plus-Size Model in Curvaceous Redemption magazine in the United States.

Despite being the biggest size she has ever been, Jerri says she is now more happy and confident than she ever was before. She explains, “I became pregnant at 17 and I think I just threw myself into motherhood and never really took care of myself, so to feel this fabulous now, it’s just incredible.”

Plus-Size Model

Through being a plus-size model, Jerri has found the best thing for herself. She has gained confidence and realized that it’s okay to accept and love your natural body. She hopes to be an inspiration to her daughters. 

She adds, “I think now me and Navaeah have taught Tiani to love herself no matter what because she knows that she’s fabulous, she tells everyone and won’t let anyone put her down. Your body is a temple so I take care of myself but I’m a plus-size model and I embrace that.”

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