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5 Absurd Myths About Plus-Size Women at the Gym

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When plus-size women at the gym hit the treadmill, lift weights, drink from their water bottle, breathe, etc., they always get some form of scrutiny from the people around them. Society has led many to believe that the image of healthy is a man or woman with abs of steel. Little do people know, many plus-size women are more than capable of being healthy and fit, and they can take care of themselves while inside the gym.

This article is debunking the most absurd myths about plus-size women at the gym. Read on to learn more.

Debunking Myths About Plus-Size Women at the Gym

1. Myth: plus-size women at the gym are unhealthy

plus-size women at the gym
Holly | Plus-Size-Modeling.com
Saying everyone grows up naturally skinny is like saying becoming plus-size means eating nothing but McDonald’s each day. First off, there are a lot of reasons why a woman is plus-size such as bone structure, medication, underlying conditions, so on and so forth. While it may be true that some plus-size women have diseases, but so do thinner women. It is wrong to immediately equate skinny with healthy while assuming that bigger women are carrying a bag of diseases.

2. Myth: plus-size women at the gym are ignorant


The truth is that the only ignorant people are those who swear by this myth. Many plus-size women at the gym are well-versed with the equipment and routine. Some may even be long-time goers, while others have gone on to become licensed instructors themselves. There are beginners, of course, and this may apply to skinny women as well who might need some form of assistance at first. At the end of the day, people need to stop judging a woman’s gym knowledge based on her size.

3. Myth: plus-size women at the gym need encouragement.


Sure, a little encouragement goes a long way especially when it comes from someone genuinely concerned. But many women feel like they are being singled out and scrutinized because of their size. If you happen to find yourself guilty of this, make it a point to give an equal amount of encouragement to other plus-size gym goers and thinner women alike.

4. Myth: plus-size gym goers are lazy


This is so wrong on so many levels. Television shows such as The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover rightfully portray how difficult it is to lose weight. It is a fact that larger bodies need more energy to move the body’s mass. So if you see a plus-size woman doing squats, keep in mind that she is pushing harder than anyone else is.

5. Myth: plus-size women cannot be gym trainers

Ragen Chastain

Meet Ragen Chastain, she’s a ballroom dance champion; a certified health coach; and she managed to compete in the Ironman competition, a long-distance triathlon that requires a lot of swimming, riding, and running. Before reading all that incredible information, all people would see is a plus-size woman. The idea that only toned bodies can be labeled as athletic is completely absurd. Plus-size women can be anything! They can be models, dancers, and fitness instructors. Don’t let the stereotypes set the way you look at women’s bodies, anyone can step into a role as long as they have the drive for it.

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