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The Naomi Campbell of Plus Size Lands a Role in Jay-Z Video

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Thirty-two-year-old plus size model Liris Crosse has proven that having a voluptuous figure will not hinder you from achieving great success. This size 18 model is known around the fashion world as both “The Body” and “The Naomi Campbell” of the plus size modeling scene. She is known for her statuesque form, cat-like eyes and flawless complexion, which are among the few reasons she has been compared to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Plus-Size Model

Aside from booking several fashion campaigns for brands like Evans and the Goddess Lingerie, Crosse made another accomplishment that few plus size models have achieved during their careers. Crosse has booked roles in videos for many big names in the music industry, including Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy and most recently, Jay Z.

Despite her growing fame, she admitted that it was not an easy journey to the top. She revealed that although she may have the looks, her size was what eventually landed her on the top shelf. The Maryland native recalled how she would study major fashion magazines and take pointers from her fashion idols Tyra Banks and not surprisingly, Naomi Campbell, when she was still a young girl.

Plus-Size Model

Her first opportunity to get into the modeling world came while she was in her junior year in high school. She signed up for a casting call for a convention named Model Search America, where she received callbacks from top modeling agencies like Zoli Models, Elite Models NY and Seventeen Magazine. The only catch was that she was asked to lose weight.

“They all loved me but wanted me to lose weight.” 

Even signing up with Wilhelmina Models did not fare well for Crosse, as she was still asked to lose weight.

Plus-Size Model

But, Crosse was determined to prove her detractors wrong. Instead of giving in to their demands or giving up on what she believed was her calling, the 5 foot 11 inch-beauty decided to take matters into her own hand. She became her own agent and created a ‘vision’ for the industry. Since then, her career began to pick up.

Fashion brands like Essence, XXL, Black Elegance and Honey were the first to believe in her vision. Her success also caught the eyes of fashion magazines like Glamour, Seventeen and Girl, the covers of which she eventually graced in the course of her career.

Plus-Size Model

Currently breaking into the UK fashion scene, these are her inspiring words for young girls who want to become a model:

“I want to continue to change the industry by inspiring women to follow their dreams, helping to represent a different body type other than straight size in mainstream fashion like I have done through my work and to also represent for the black plus woman who feels she doesn’t see herself in mainstream fashion and entertainment.”

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