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Here’s Why People are SLAMMING the New Target Plus-Size Range

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Target has always gone out of their way when it comes to making inclusive fashion. It is a brand known best for their high-quality clothing that comes at an affordable price. The last thing a huge label like Target would ever want is disappointing their loyal customers. But according to recent reports, one of the country’s biggest department stores is gaining a lot of heat for the newest Target plus-size range launched by Target Australia.   

Target Plus-Size Range Called ‘Frumpy,’ ‘Aging,’ and Downright ‘Disgusting’

Target Plus-Size Line

Target Australia is causing an outrage moments after posting their exclusive Belle Curve range on Facebook. Women weren’t holding back when it came to criticizing everything from the patterns to the colors the range had to offer. The line features a variety of casual clothing pieces that looked very unflattering, prompting women to point out the noticeable lack of office-appropriate clothing.  

“Your Plus size range, what there is of it, is disgusting and certainly doesn’t reflect the same effort that you put into clothing selection for size 6-16,” Facebook user Allie Tabone wrote. “Thanks anyway but I’ve taken my business elsewhere.” Unfortunately for Target, Tabone’s comment was just one of many polarizing statements made toward the brand.

Another user, Cath Croxford, remarked that the Belle Curve range was “frumpy” and “daggy.” She added that Target has downgraded drastically over the past years. 

“The ‘range’ of plus sized clothes at Target seems to have reduced drastically over the last couple of years,” Croxford wrote. “Nothing gets added throughout the season – I keep checking, but it doesn’t change. If you have reduced your range because sales are down, it’s not because of lack of demand, you are just missing the mark. Most of the range is just frumpy.”

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Overall, the Belle Curve Range features 90 items including sleep and swimwear and just three dresses and one skirt. As for workout gear, the line has five different types of leggings and jogging pants.  

One woman posted this harsh reality about plus-size fashion in general: “Target sells clothing rather than fashion. As a larger size lady, I am fed up with the dull colors and lack of variety that is offered. Particularly in their country stores.”

For their part, Target Australia has been gracious despite the number of negative comments. The page has commented on a number of posts, thanking them for their feedback and asking if they could continue the conversation through private message.  

It is easy to see why these women are expressing disappointment over the latest Target plus-size range. In a time where plus-size fashion is rapidly changing, it is time for big brands to finally pick up the pace. All women want is for designers to know that they want to wear fashionable clothes too! While there seems to be a roadblock for the demands for plus-size fashion, there are still many brands that are paving the way. ModCloth, ASOS Curve, and Simply Be are just three that offer timeless styles for fashionistas falling above the size 16 bracket. 

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