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Nike Praised for Hiring a Plus-Size Model to Promote Products

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Sports brand giant Nike is being praised for using a plus-size woman to promote their products. After years of using only straight-size models, they have finally done an ad campaign featuring a curvy woman.


Nike hired Paloma Elesser to model one of their sports bras in an Instagram post. The company has long been criticized for not making exercise clothing for women who wear bigger sizes. The official @NikeWomen Instagram account has 4.8 million followers. The post featuring Elesser is the first time a plus-size woman has been featured in an ad campaign on the profile. This is possibly Nike’s first plus-size campaign ever.

Elesser was modeling one of the company’s new sports bras. It was also accompanied with instructions on how to find a well-fitting sports bra.

Paloma Elesser is a New York–based model who has been a refreshing change from the usual straight-size models promoted by the sportswear giant. 

After the successful reception of Elesser’s photo, Nike uploaded another plus-size model image.

Nike received many praised for its decision to feature plus-size models. Instragram user @jjenchanted wrote, “Beautiful and powerful, a real goddess worthy of the Nike brand.” Another user with the handle, @almst40almstfam, wrote, “Bravo Nike! Well done! Real women with real curves.”

Nike was also praised because their post did not mention the woman’s size.

However, not all plus-size women were happy with Nike. User @mscoralmakenzi wrote, “If only you offered a size higher than an E in all of your bras, then us curvy girls could actually show our support of your brand by going out and buying your product!” And @32ducks complained, “I heard you were only making bras to a size E. You need to make bigger bras!”

H&M, Aerie, and Sports Illustrated have all featured plus-size models in the past. It’s good to see a global brand as big as Nike promote a plus-size woman in an ad, but they still have a lot of work to do considering their current sizing still cuts out a majority of potential plus-size customers.

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