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Olivia Campbell Stuns in Sexy Boudoir Shoot

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Olivia Campbell is not one to shy away from the camera, and if anybody had her good looks and confidence, they’d probably do the same. Campbell has sashayed down runways for different designs including Boohoo and Curvy Vintage. Her recent photo shoot with SLiNK magazine is definitely a shot back at her critics and body-shamers as it features the 5’11” English model in all her glory.

Plus-Size Model Olivia Campbell for SLiNK Magazine

Olivia Campbell Modeling

SLiNK magazine released a racy photo shoot featuring Olivia Campbell, which boasts a very important message to plus-size women everywhere. It aims to show that women of different sizes have the right to feel sexy too and that beauty and confidence shouldn’t just be limited to only one size. In fact, Campbell proudly shows her ample assets in sleek lingerie as she is accompanied by another male model in the daring campaign.

SLiNK Magazine

Speaking about the boudoir shoot, SLiNK editor Rivkie Baum had this to say,

SLiNK is constantly looking for ways to re-evaluate and push the boundaries with how people see plus-size women both in society and in the media. We have seen a much bigger rise in the coverage of plus-size women and models within the media, but the often outdated views of plus-size women and the relationship to their bodies remains at the forefront of how the media portrays plus-size women. We have never shied away from pushing boundaries at SLiNK.”

Olivia Campbell Embraces Her Curves

Plus-Size Model

This isn’t the first time Olivia Campbell has stolen the spotlight. Other than her successful fashion campaigns, she has also been outspoken about dealing with body image issues. Campbell participated in StyleLikeU’s series The What’s Underneath Project, and the model was candid about the bullying she endured growing up. Through her experiences, she developed a newfound respect and love toward herself and even goes as far as admitting that she is more comfortable as being referred to as fat instead of curvy.

At this time, Campbell and many other plus-size models have been openly represented in the media. But even with this, the fight for body positivity still continues. Thankfully, we have all the right role models to remind us that we can all feel beautiful and sexy regardless of our size. 

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