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Patrick Starrr: One of Beauty’s First Male Plus-Size Influencers

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The beauty industry has become more diverse over the years. One of the biggest changes is thanks to the rise of male beauty bloggers and rampant body positivity campaigns circulating online. Someone who embodies both is Patrick Simondac, more popularly known by his online name, Patrick Starrr. This social media tour de force boasts over three million followers on Instagram and two million YouTube subscribers. On top of that, he has several promotion deals with the top beauty brands such as NYX, Ofra, and Benefit.

When it comes to body positivity and confidence, no ones does it better than Patrick Starrr. Today, you’ll get to know more about the super talented 27-year-old, who is slowly changing the way everyone sees men in makeup.

Patrick Starrr: “Makeup is a one-size-fits-all”

Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr went from being a MAC freelance makeup artist to a social media star. But his fairy tale–like transformation did not happen overnight. Patrick shared his makeup journey in one of his videos, where he detailed about how hard he struggled just to be accepted as a man in makeup. On one occasion, he was sent home from his job after he went to work with full-on drag makeup. Instead of letting this setback get to him, he added more, experimenting with bronzer, liner, and eye shadow to look and feel beautiful.

Growing up, Patrick has always been inspired by the arts. He dipped his feet in photography before moving on to become a full-time makeup artist. When Patrick went through a month without work, he decided to set up his YouTube account, which ultimately caught the eye of the late CoverGirl model Talia Joy. After Talia liked one of Patrick’s videos, his subscriber count began to rise. In an emotional tribute to the former YouTube artist, Patrick had this to say.

“Makeup was a wig for her, as makeup was a way for me to give confidence to other people. I think that if I, as a man, can do it and look somewhat decent and beautiful, then anyone can.” 

Patrick Starrr Makeup

Aside from his unparalleled makeup skills, Patrick has served as a body-positive model for men and women everywhere. His signature tagline reads, “Makeup is a one-size-fits-all.” Patrick holds no apologies when it comes to his clothing choices either, proudly cosplaying the Disney character Moana in one of his recent videos.

This year, Patrick Starrr is breaking new barriers as he hosts the annual NYX Face Awards, the same competition where he managed to place in the top six just three years ago. With all of his achievements, it is safe to say that Patrick’s resilient attitude and free spirit is bound to be an inspiration for all. 


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