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People React to Woman Who Broke Plus-Size Fashion Rules

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You will hear a lot of “new year, new you” messages now since it’s still January and people have just made their New Year’s resolutions. Alysse Dalessandro, a blogger, posted about her own body positive resolutions. She is proud of herself because she dresses the way she wants to. She ignores the plus-size fashion norms and does what she wants to. It doesn’t matter if she has rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, and flab because she is confident and happy with her body. She has learned that people’s reaction to seeing her walk around proud of her curvy body was different from the reactions she received online.

There are so many comments that people are willing to say whether they are your family members, friends, strangers, and online trolls. They all have an opinion on what should be on a fat person’s body. Why do people feel the need to comment on what other people do with their body? You don’t have to care about the bodies of other people because what they do will not have any effect on you. That’s exactly what Alysse decided to do.

Here’s what happened when she challenge the fashionistas and dressed the way she wanted.

Alysse and Her Body Chains

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

She has been designing body chains for the past three years. They are currently on trend with some celebrities posting their pictures on Instagram sporting the same accessories. Alysse posted this photo of herself, and she did not receive any negative comments.

She wore her body chain all throughout the summer, and in person, people would ask her about how to wear body chains. The public were more confused as to the trend than seeing them on a curvy figure. She did get stopped once when a woman told her that her shirt was riding up, but it was in fact a crop top. She was not the least bit ashamed to show off her belly.

Wearing Crop Tops When You Have Stretch Marks

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

These simple everyday outfits completely reflect how Alysse usually dresses. Her Instagram followers are  used to her wearing crop tops, so that’s not a big deal. The online comments were mostly about her friend’s boots than Alysse’s outfit. 

The day she wore that outfit, someone actually screamed at her from their car window and called her a fat pig.  Just showing a little skin caused such a negative reaction from a complete stranger. Luckily, that encounter did not shake her confidence. Fat shaming is just a part of her life, but it was still shocking to have that type of reaction directed toward her.  

Bikini for the Curves

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

She wore this bikini for a trip to Miami. During her trip, she did not receive any negative comments about her swimwear, but a few weeks after she had a fight on Twitter with a comedian who decided to use her picture for a meme.

That was when she started getting harassed by the comedian’s fans. She ended up deleting her bikini picture from her account, which is something she now regrets. It’s sad that people can be so mean and rude to someone they don’t know. There are online trolls who take joy in tearing down someone they don’t know personally. Bullying, whether in person or online, is never acceptable.

Showing Off Her Legs

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

This particular picture received mixed reviews online. There were comments telling her that the shorts were too small and that she shouldn’t be wearing them at her size. Since when were there rules about who can wear what?  A person should be able to dress their body in a way that they feel comfortable.

She did get one positive comment. It said, “I absolutely love your style and how confident you are, me on the other hand . . . I’m very insecure and always worried about what people think about what I’m wearing. I hope one day I will be as confident as you are and embrace my body and love it just how it is!” 

So even if she did receive a lot of hate for her short shorts, seeing even one positive reaction to it is enough for Alysse to know that being fat and confident is helping someone else.

Sports and a Fuller Figure

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

Alysse did not play in basketball, she was just posing. When she took this photo, people stared at her. She doesn’t mind that because she’s used to being gawked at. The reaction she received online when she posted the image was not what she was expecting. 

She normally posts her outfit photos on her Tumblr page, so when she posted this photo and other similar ones, she didn’t think anything of it. Then the Internet blew up as her images were taken and reblogged by fat shamers who were somehow offended by her, being a full-figured woman, in a sporty setting. 

She was harassed by people who just assumed she does not exercise. She received some vile comments from the people who reblogged her photos. One of those fat shamers even said that he wished Alysse would kill herself—a violent and disgusting reaction to a simple photo. 

Dress for Fun

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

Alysse designed this dress that she wore and posted a photo of online. She received a lot of good reviews on this dress, with a photographer and fellow model even ordering one for themselves. She wore it at a Christmas party and it was a big hit.

Online was a different story. The plus-size community was mad that she did not wear something to show off her curves. The dress received a lot of comments, some in support and some against her. The real question is, what is so wrong with it? 

Dressing for Comfort

Plus-Size Fashion Rules

Dressing up for certain occasion can be a very fun thing for a woman, but there are times when you want to be more relaxed. Just because one person is not put together, it doesn’t mean they are lazy and don’t take pride in their appearance. In the above photo, Alysse is wearing leggings, a T-shirt, and simple shoes. On the day that she wore it, no one uttered a peep about her outfit. 

It was surprising that it actually warranted a comment on her social media. It’s really just a boring basic outfit, but one comment read, “You are such an inspiration and all the people you talk about are too. Honestly this Instagram helps my insecurity and anxiety, it just magically goes away when I see all these beautiful pics.” 


Alysse is not doing anything big. She’s just posting photos of her outfits online, which is something hundred of people all over the world do. What is different about her is that she is not afraid to challenge society by her posts. She will wear what she wants and she doesn’t care what people have to say. 

More people need to have that sort of attitude because as a plus-size woman, self-confidence is very important. Alysse showing the world that she will dress the way she wants will set a good example. She’s already receiving some positive comments that she is helping others who have a problem with their confidence. Being a very visible full-figured woman will enable plus-size fashion to take a leap. It just shows that you can dress however you want no matter what your dress size.

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