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Why Plus-Size Model Dexter Mayfield Is Taking the Fashion Industry by Storm

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Bodies of all shapes and sizes are slowly beginning to get recognition in the fashion industry. The likes of Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence have found themselves on the cover of magazines and sashaying down the runway. Although this is a good sign for plus-size women everywhere, the industry hasn’t shown much love for their male counterparts. Enter Dexter Mayfield, a California dancer and certified plus-size model who recently slayed all of his critics on the runway show for designer Marco Marco.

Dexter Mayfield Takes the Fashion World by Storm

Marco Marco Show

Dexter Mayfield has been appearing in viral videos for years. You may have seen him dancing to the Pussycat Dolls song “Buttons” wearing matching black heeled boots. Mayfield then stepped his game up by appearing on his very first runway at the Marco Marco LA Fashion Show in 2015 and again in 2017. 

“I was pure nerves. Beyond nervous,” Mayfield said in an interview. “Literally I had my favorite drag queens patting my sweat down. I was dripping sweat seconds before the runway. Plus women have had that platform, and a few of my plus sisters in drag have been able to get that platform, but no one with a male aesthetic has had that opportunity. At the last minute, Marco [the show’s designer] looked at me and said, ‘Dexter, I brought you into this show for a reason. Do you. Be yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Go out and shine and be the person that you are.’”

Mayfield strutted his stuff alongside winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and although each of them was exquisite in their runway performances, Mayfield stood out. The world marveled at the sight of Dexter Mayfield being fierce and confident as he took a graceful walk, which ended with a little booty pop at the end of the runway. 

Dexter Mayfield

Since the Marco Marco runway show, more brands started to take notice of Mayfield. He has walked for other designers, gone on a US tour, landed a cover with Hardy magazine, and appeared in Katy Perry‘s music video for “Bon Appetit.” Mayfield has never given up his passion for dancing either, and he continues to give professional classes in his California studio.

Overall, Mayfield has proven that you can achieve your goals without losing a sense of who you are. He, along with other male models like Zach Miko, Harvey Guillen, and Kelvin Davis, is redefining the popular term #bodygoals. 

“Once we expand that spectrum of what male beauty is, I think that to continue to have that visibility is crucial,” Mayfield told Mic. “We need to be out there on billboards. I think that so many more young men will be confident in themselves and happy as the person they are if we can do that.”

Watch the video of Dexter Mayfield at the 2015 Marco Marco Fashion Show below






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