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Plus-Size Activewear Ideas for Women

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There aren’t a variety of choices for plus-size activewear in the market. Women are mostly stuck with frumpy, ill-fitting options that often come at an expensive price. Massive retail stores like Forever 21 are no different, as the size options are noticeably limited. 

Sure, not everyone may be on the bandwagon of wearing fashionable clothing pieces on the gym. But for most women, working out means feeling and looking good at the same time. So for those who are thrilled at the idea of exercising with style, then these plus-size activewear ideas are definitely for you. 

Stylish Plus-Size Activewear for Women

Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Yes, plus-size activewear includes stylish sports bras and women of all sizes can rock them. The key to looking good in a sports bra is to pick a color that will complement your skin tone. Plum tones look absolutely amazing on women with darker skin tone, so don’t hesitate to experiment until you find a color that suits you best. 

Small bosomed plus-size women can check out Glamorise. They offer a variety of sizes for under $50 and even sell a sports bra in 48B, which is a rare find in the market. For women with larger bust sizes, you should find a sports bra that allows you to keep your breasts in place while you work out. Brands such as Enell Sport, Junior Active, and Champion offer sports bra with a lot of support. 

Stylish Leggings and Capris

Plus-Size Models

Leggings don’t always have to be plain and boring. Mix up your style by choosing a legging with a mesh design, or if you are feeling bold, then you can choose a pair with an eye-catching print. Fila sells a range of capris that give out serious eighties vibes with their stunning prints. Lane Bryant is also a trusted brand for plus-size active wear, with their Livi Active leggings offering great breathability. 


Plus Size Bodysuit

Not many people would actually consider bodysuits as an ideal plus-size activewear, but they are pretty chic to wear in the gym. It can even be worn outside the gym. Just toss a leather over it and you’ll have the million-dollar look.  

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