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8 Videos of Plus-Size Auditions

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Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.

In this article, you can take a look at these plus-sized individuals, who will blow you away with their talents. From killer pole dancing moves to hitting high notes from a song, there is no stopping these persons who showed the world that size does not matter when it comes to pursuing one’s passion and talent.

Check out the videos of these talented people below:


Meet the Brazil’s Got Talent contestant who nailed her audition with killer dance moves she made to the beat of Black Eyed Peas hit song ‘Boom Boom Pow’.


Mother of two, Big Lulu made jaws drop, as she delivered a cool pole dancing move on America’s Got Talent auditions.


Full-figured lady Emma Haslam took pole dancing to the next level and advanced to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent.


Full-time mother Anya Sparks made a big hit with her Britney Spears number during her Britain’s Got Talent audition.


Size does not matter for dancing sensation Sam B. Check out his killer moves as he wowed the judges and the crowd during his America’s Got Talent audition.


Watch this amazing X Factor audition from preacher Fred Combs who proves that talent comes in all shapes and sizes.


Who did it better? British actress and comedian Katy Brand outshined  her smaller companions in this ‘Single Ladies’ performance for a good cause.


Meet the Britain’s Got Talent contestant who blew everyone away with his breathtaking rendition of the song ‘The Prayer’.

The people in the videos above prove that you don’t have to be thin and beautiful to be noticed. If you have a tremendous amount of talent, you will be recognized during plus-size auditions not for your size, but for what you can do.


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